TFTB Madden League Presents Knock Hards: The Cleveland Brown Story (Week 12)

And the Browns keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…. The Cleveland Browns extend their winning streak to four games after beating the Miami Dolphins 34-28!

The Browns started the game on offense by throwing and interception to the Dolphins on the third play of the game. However, the Browns defense returned the favor after returning a fumble for a touchdown!

Baker Mayfield had one of his most interesting games of the season so far. Mayfield went 14/17, however his three missed attempts resulted in 3 interceptions for the Dolphins defense. Even though he threw for 3 interceptions, he also connected with his receivers for three touchdowns. Very bizarre game from the Browns quarterback.

The Dolphins didn’t go down without a fight, as they had an opportunity to tie the game in the 4th quarter. Kicker Jason Sanders missed a 50 plus yard field goal by less than an inch, resulting in the Browns to get the ball back. The Browns then went down the field and added another 3 points of their own making the score 34-28.

The Browns hope to continue their success when they square off next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the second time this season!

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