Summer’20 Mutiny Tournament Draft Results

This Saturday, July 25th, Mutiny Hockey Club hosts their annual Summer Hockey Tourney at Vernon C. Neal Sports Complex in Washington PA. Participants include your favorite adult league superstars from teams such as Mutiny, Dadbods, Top Cheese, Chimney Sweeps, and many more. In preparation of the tournament, General Manager Eric Galentine and President of Hockey Operations Luke Moskal hosted a player Draft via Zoom for the four captains participating in the tournament.


First we have Team Play Gloria, captained by Pat Clarke. The name Play Glory pays tribute to the defending Stanley Cup Champions the St. Louis Blues. Captain Pat Clarke chose the name because he hopes Team Play Glory will have the same success. I won’t lie, Play Gloria’s roster is pretty solid, and having a former Mutiny Tournament champion, Bill Hazi, in net gives Play Gloria a solid chance for the title. When asked about his draft results Captain Pat Clarke responded by saying, “On Second”. I’m not really sure what he meant with his response, but I can only assume he meant his team is trying to win second place? Vegas predicts Play Gloria has a 26% chance of winning the championship.


Next up we have Team Eskimo Callboyz, captained by myself, Ryan Vojtash. I chose the name Eskimo Callboyz because of Eskimo Callboy’s hit song “Hypa Hypa”. If you haven’t heard of the band and song I suggest giving it a listen. The song is full of emotions and over the top energy, which is what we hope to bring to the rink come game time. I believe we have a solid squad, as most of us have played on each others teams before. The team chemistry is huge in my opinion, and if we channel that energy we can be successful in this tournament. Eskimo Callboyz will have Mutiny goaltender Jake Cowie in between the pipes. As captain, I’ve had my team finish in second before, but this year we want the cup! Vegas predicts Team Eskimo Callboyz have a 24.8% of wining the tournament.


Captain Tyler Boyd will lead Team AM Lumber to the rink. Tyler was nice enough to keep the name PG, but we all know what was on his mind… AM Lumber has a solid squad made up of former Slippery Rock and Top Cheese players, and Josh Foringer who is automatic in the face-off circle. AM Lumber will have Top Cheese’s goalie Brandon Starner in net, who is one of the young and upcoming goalies in adult leagues. When asked about his draft results, Captain Tyler Boyd stated, “As long as my team beats Pat’s, I’ll be happy”. Vegas predicts Team AM Lumber 24.7% chance of winning the tournament.


Last but not least we have Team Best Friends lead by Captain Nick Brown. Team Best Friends seems like it will be a team of new best friends, as most of the players have never played on the same teams before. However, sometimes new faces is all you need to be victorious in a tournament like this one. As long as the skills are there, any player can find chemistry with a teammate. When asked about his draft results captain Nick Brown said, “I bet you I did a better job than Neal Huntington”. Team Best Friends will have the one and only Christian Ricketts in between the pipes. I plan on sniping Christian a few times, but he definitely will be a key to Team Best Friends success. Vegas predicts Team Best Friends to have a 24.5% chance of winning the title.

Overall, the teams seem pretty even and we are excited to see them battle it out for the cup. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, fans are not allowed to attend the tournament this year. However, you can stay up to date with everything on Mutiny’s Twitter and Thoughts From The Bench. Our fearless leader Deke, will be in attendance for in game analysis, interviews, and other amazing content.

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