TFTB Madden League Presents Knock Hards: The Cleveland Brown Story (Week 8)

The long awaited Week 7 matchup between the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots marked the first matchup between the RankKing and I.

Similar to previous Browns games, this one was full of big offensive plays as well as exciting moments throughout the game, for the RankKing of course…
New England’s dominant defense shut down Baker Mayfield and the Browns offense from start to finish. In fact, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt only managed to put up a total of 74 rushing yards the entire game (usually it’s a little more than that). The Browns struggled to throw the ball too, throwing for 139 yards and 3 interceptions (one thrown by Punter Jamie Gillan after a fake punt attempt). The Browns offense only managed to put up 6 points the entire game, coming off of two field goals in the first half.

Not only did New England’s defense dominate the game, but their offense was also on fire. Quarterback Cam Newton lead the way throwing for 2 touchdowns and a total of 199 passing yards. Running backs Devonta Freeman and Sony Michel helped add fuel to the fire by rushing for 3 additional touchdowns.

There really wasn’t much happening in this game as the Browns lost 38-6. The Brownies return home to face the Broncos in Week 8, hoping for a different result. However, the Browns will have a new look after one of their stars was shipped off to a better place. Kareem Hunt and Adrian Clayborn were dealt to the Steelers following the loss to New England, and the Browns received two players who should fit in perfectly with the teams systems, whatever they may be.

Jaylen Samuels will now be the Browns backup running back, and Vince Williams will hopefully help the Browns defense make a tackle (You can imagine how excited Jaylen Samuels was when he found out the news). The move comes a week before the Trade Deadline, and wasn’t a surprise at all since Kareem Hunt was looking for his way out of Cleveland a few weeks ago.

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