Take to the Sky’s with Star Wars Squadrons

The first official trailer dropped today for EA’s newest Star Wars video game, Star Wars Squadrons. This new pilot focused game presents a new challenge for star wars video game fans as the pilot feature in the most recent Battlefront 2 was extremely underwhelming.

Space dogfights have never fully lived up to the hype presented in front of us by the movies and canon in the Star Wars universe even dating back to the legendary Star Wars: Battlefront II for Xbox classic.

I love being a pilot. I’ve seriously considered enlisting into the Space Force strictly in the off chance that during my lifttime we have the capabilities to fly ships to other planets. If there was one character that I would be it would most likely be Han Solo, simply because of how many times he said he wanted to be a pirate in the movie Solo.

I’m holding out hope that a few key features are a part of this game. For one, I want to pick my personalized droid. Nothing special, just your standard astromech, most likely the R2 series. I want to be able to talk with my droid and move the power from my rockets to my engine mid battle. I want to FLY DAMNIT.

Official gameplay trailers release this month as well with the first official trailer leaving more to be desired. Beautiful graphics, customizable characters and a sick ass soundtrack can only get me so excited for a game based exclusively around a niche part of previous Star Wars games, so I’ll wait for an official release party once I see the full capabilities. Until then, my feet will be planted firmly on the ground.

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