Marcus Rashford Feeds Millions

Manchester United hasn’t had the most success in recent years, but the stars they produce still shine bright. Forward Marcus Rashford has started a new campaign recently to ensure that around 1.3 million children in England won’t be hungry this year.

The government in England previously insisted it would not award free school meal vouchers in England outside of their term, but Rashford penned a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for the decision to be reversed.

One of the most amazing stories I found out from this situation is that Marcus himself was able to join the United academy early due to a tough financial situation at home. His mother worked with the club to get Rashford in to be sure he was able to have the correct meals for his health.

The likes of Man U’s rival, Manchester City even got in on the fun when Rashford saw backlash.

It’s important for promininent sports figures to find their voice and passion off the pitch and it seems Marcus isn’t just inspiring the generation, but helping it thrive as well.

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