Shaq On Loan To Northampton

Former NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal may not be able to travel across the world to cheer on his favorite soccer club Northampton Town FC, but that doesn’t mean his face won’t be in the crowd.

As a result of the global pandemic, matches will be played without spectators cheering on their favorite squads. However, Northampton is looking to fill the stands with cardboard cut-outs of fans when they square off against Cheltenham Town in the first leg of the League 2 Semifinal on June 18th.

Shaq has been known to show his support for Northampton over the years. As a result of his constant support, his cardboard cut-out will include him wearing a Cobblers scarf. I personally love the idea, because it adds some off the field entertainment as well as humor for fans watching at home. Shaq is a four-time NBA Champion, and he lives, eats, and breathes success. Having him in the stadium will encourage the Northampton players to give it their all out on the pitch. Even though he will just be a piece of cardboard, you don’t want to make Shaq angry.

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