Dele Alli Suspended for Coronavirus Video

The Premiere League is set to return as the sports world finds ways to move forward, but this season will begin without one of Tottenham’s best in their match against Manchester United on June 19th.

Tottenham’s midfielder Dele Alli has been suspended for the matchup due to a social media post he later pulled down and apologized for. Alli, as did many athletes, did not take the original warnings about the Coronavirus seriously, posting a video mocking the pandemic.

A one-off video may only deserve a one-game suspension but penalties like these might open the door for future penalties to other athletes across the world who mocked the pandemic as well.

One name that comes to mind when discussing the beginning of the pandemic is Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz. Gobert was caught on camera touching the microphones of reporters to showcase his disbelief of the virus and was also reported touching his teammates things and pretending to cough on them. A suspension for Gobert has not been issued yet but seems more likely with this suspension underway.

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