5 for 5: Fantasy Quarterbacks to Draft and Avoid

With fantasy football right around the corner, I figured I’d do a little four part series with the skills positions players. I’ll talk about five that are worth drafting and five I believe you should leave for some other sucker to pick up. The usuals will be skipped like Mahomes and Jackson, and instead we will focus on others that are good. This goes the same for the bad ones. First up are the quarterbacks. Let’s get started!

1.) Draft; Dak Prescott (DAL)

I can see why some might be a little hesitant to pick up Prescott. I was a little too when I picked him up for my dynasty league. Now it seems to be if the Cowboys will strike a deal with him. I think a deal will be struck and Prescott will be better this year with the addition of CeeDee Lamb to compliment Cooper and Gallup and he will also still have Elliot. His points last year proved that he can do it so draft him with confidence.

1.) Avoid; Deshaun Watson (HOU)

I see a lot of people still drafting this guy despite the loss of Hopkins. Even I drafted him in a mock, but that was because I never got him. The more I think about it, Deshaun is in a bad situation given his best receiver was traded to Arizona. The run game won’t be that great forcing him to throw more often to his guys (Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller, Kenny Stills, and Randall Cobb). The names look good on paper, but Houston is self destructing from within and Watson will suffer for it.

2.) Draft; Kyler Murray (ARI)

Murray did an excellent job for his first season in my opinion and from here it can only get better. The Cardinals and Murray get a shiny new toy in DeAndre Hopkins in his prime and that will improve Murray’s stock to be drafted high next to other quarterbacks. His rushing ability also gives him the edge as dual threat if you don’t have the best run game either. Sign him up to the team!

2.) Avoid; Tom Brady (TB)

Drafting a veteran is normally smart, but I would probably avoid Brady here. I know it’s really hard to argue with the weapons he has, but he’s learning a new system and at his age with all of his Patriot methods still in his head, it will be hard to shake it off and start something new. It’s an interesting thing though if you draft him as a backup, but as a starter, I just can’t guarantee the return will be good for the one who drafts him, but maybe that’s just me who knows?

3.) Draft; Josh Allen (BUF)

Josh Allen proved a lot of haters wrong last season as he improved a great deal from his rookie season. He got smarter and better as the year went on. Now with Stefon Diggs in his arsenal, I believe he will be even better. Like Murray, his dual threat ability will come in handy either throwing the ball or running it in. Get him on your board quickly!

3.) Avoid; Aaron Rodgers (GB)

Rodgers is on a bit of a decline after last year. The Packers relied on a heavy run game in Aaron Jones to bring the team back to a run first attack with Rodgers being the piece to get them out of jams if needed. If the Packers didn’t draft a single receiver in a high draft class for the 2020 season, it doesn’t look good for Rodgers’ production. You have Adams and that’s it. Don’t try to tell me that Valdes-Scantling and Funchess are gonna help Rodgers. Screw that man!

4.) Draft; Philip Rivers (IND)

I think a lot of people are gonna be surprised with the transition that Rivers is gonna have from last year to this upcoming season. A big reason is the offensive line. Rivers now has the best line he has probably ever had in his career. He also has two great running backs to work with in Mack and Taylor. Plus he has a good receiving core in Hilton and Pittman Jr, and a decent tight end in Jack Doyle. He’s a good veteran to put your money on this season.

4.) Avoid; Baker Mayfield (CLE)

A lot of people are unsure whether or not to take Mayfield this year because of last year’s drama with Cleveland. I’m just gonna say no here. Sure he has a new coach (that is already better than Kitchens), but he has to learn a new playbook and deal with the pressure of trying to not disappoint Cleveland once again. I just don’t think he’ll be able to handle the pressure and he will sink with a lot of great talent around him.

5.) Draft; Drew Lock (DEN)

I’ve been all aboard the Drew Lock train since he was drafted to the Broncos. The team has committed to him fully by getting more weapons for him to throw to in Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler. They also equipped him with Melvin Gordon to do damage in the run game and receiving spots as well. He’ll be a very late pick, but I got a lot of faith in him with he did last year with Sutton and Fant.

5.) Avoid; Joe Burrow (CIN)

It’s really hard to rely on a rookie to get stuff done in fantasy, but people take chances all the time especially with the quarterback position. I think the kid has talent, but I won’t be drafting him sorry. The offensive line will not hold up even with the addition of last year’s pick Jonah Williams. I just wouldn’t put all my chips in on this kid. So you shouldn’t either even with the return of A.J. Green and newly added Tee Higgins.

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