The “O” Has A Potential Buyer

About a month ago the Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland announced it was closing it’s doors not just during Covid-19, but forever!

The “O” located in the heart of Oakland was a popular restaurant amongst University of Pittsburgh students and other local universities for the past 60 years. The restaurant was best known for it’s hot dogs and abundance amount of french fries. The announcement of the “O” closing brought tears to peoples’ eyes, however today there was good news.

According to my sources,” The Pat Mcafee Show”, a potential buyer has stepped forward. The buyer is a Pittsburgh native who is very familiar with the Original Hot Dog Shop’s history. The mystery man is none other than Dallas Mavericks General Manager and businessman, Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban on the Pat Mcafee Show 5-21-20

Cuban was interviewed on the Pat Mcafee Show earlier today, and before ending his interview he stated, “We’re not done trying to figure out a way to buy the Dirty O, it’s not over yet for all you Pittsburghers out there.” Cuban mentioned negotiations have been tough, but he is not giving up hope to bring back the “O”.

I know this might not mean much to some of you, but us Pittsburghers are proud of our culture and history. I personally have only been to the “O” once or twice when I worked on Pitt’s campus, but friends of mine who attended the University of Pittsburgh always talked about it.

Friend of the Bench, Mike Funyak had this to say, “It’s a cornerstone for the Pitt community, and Pittsburgh as a whole. My first time there was a pre-game stop with my Dad before a Big East Basketball showdown with UConn. From then on it’s been a pre-game ritual before attending any basketball game.” Mike along with other former Pitt students not only endorse the “O’s” delicious food, but the memories as well. Making the “O” a place near and dear to their hearts.

If Mark Cuban is successful in saving the “O” he will go down in history as one of the most famous Pittsburghers of all time. I mean the guy is already an entrepreneur, television personality, media proprietor, investor, and General Manger. Saving the “O” to his resume will only add to his success.

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