Denny Hamlin Wins Darlington Cause Duh

Last night the Idiot Hour boys sat down and watched our second NASCAR race since becoming big NASCAR guys and let’s just say the outcome couldn’t have been anything else. Since selecting Denny Hamlin as my champion (no more thank you’s to Boyd, this is destiny) we are UNDEFEATED together, a sign of a true bond.

After consistant rain delays all night, which seems like they could have been solved simply by letting the guys do some Tokyo Drift style racing but whatever, Hamlin won his second race of the season. Darlington is Hamlin’s track, plain and simple. Might as well rename if Dennyinton. Or Hamilton. We’re still workshopping a new name.

Probably my second favorite part of the night (first favorite is obviously rubbing the win in Boyd and Elsass’ face) was that Kyle Busch doing Kyle Busch shit once again.

After turning Chase Elliott near the wall and “misjudging” the space in front of him, Elliott spun out and ended his night. The real reason we now love Nascar? The end of that clip. Elliott walks right to the edge of the track, does a power stance and whips out that bird like a dad on the freeway on Sunday. There’s just nothing better than a good finger man. Just the MPHM and power behind it was so pure…so just…so NASCAR.

Aslo, side bar, how do animals just sneak onto these tracks? A fox just said “Oh Yeah this looks like the place for me” and just stumbled onto the track, which is just wild to me.

Honestly, this seems like the PERFECT marketing ploy from Fox Sports, right? Not only do they bring back a sport that everyone loves in NASCAR, but they let a fox loose on the track safely? I’m on to you Fox.

I also found out last night that even past the Jordan Brand logo, Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan are actually friends. Hamlin went on SVP’s late night show and discussed The Last Dance docu-series, saying that the track that made Jordan fall in love with NASCAR was Darlington. I mean, this was written on the wall from the start right?

What a time to be a NASCAR fan.

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