Top 5 Predictions For Ru Paul’s Drag Race

7 Queen remains and the competition gets political. Tonight the Maxi Challenge will be each Queen competing in a political debate. As everything Ru Paul this will be funny. I also feel like it may be laced with some candid realities about our current political climate.

Which sets it up for an interesting week. So here are my top 5 predictions for Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Gigi = Alaska

Anastasia and I just completed a re-watch of All-Stars Season 2. So two major things have jumped out at me that have direct correlations to this season. The main one that Gigi is just like Alaska. Dry humor, good at everything, but when they stumble it is a colossal, Thunder F*ck . . . 5,000. 

This leads me to my first prediction. Gigi wins 4 Challenges before the season is over. With the exception of this week, it’s hard to imagine her not getting another slam dunk.

Heidi is in the bottom Tonight.

Look Hedie is a loveable, weird, goofy drag queen. Much like All-Star Season 2 Allyssa Edwards. Her make up isn’t great, her outfits aren’t perfect, but by god was she born to entertain. However, tonight’s political challenge will be a struggle for her and land her in the bottom 2.

Jackie Cox your a winner baby.

I think that the 50’s housewife will shine tonight. Probably as some bizarre mix of Barbara Bush and Jackie Onassis. She was good in the Snatch game which means she can improvise. Plus she plays herself off as being highly intelligent, she should be able to cleverly answer the politically driven questions.

Crystal Methyd wins the lipsync

Crystal is everyone’s dark horse. She gets better every week, and never sees to entertain. Except for tonight. She was bad in the snatch game, and you get the sense that the political environment will be out of her reach. I see her in the bottom two, but I don’t think she is going home.

Widow’s Runway put her in the bottom

I think Widow will do well at the Choices 2020, but I feel like her emotions and opinions may get the best of her. I can see her bullying other opponents and that is never looked upon kindly by Mother Ru. Pair that with what I’m sure will be another pathetic runway. I think the Widow will be a Von’ Don’t tonight.

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