NFL Draft: Professor Moorhead gives his 1st Round Draft Pick Grades

The first round has come to an end everybody. Man was it something! If you didn’t tune into our live coverage last night (which I will be really disappointed if you didn’t) I had a segment where I graded every single first round pick. The Professor is here to give you his grades and reasonings for them. Let’s not waste any time here yinz and get right into it.

1.) Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow (QB/LSU)

Grade: A

The right man for the Bengals gets taken at number one. People might be confused as to why this isn’t an A+, but honestly I think Burrow will do well. It just all depends on how he mashes with the receivers and how well his offensive line can protect him. Overall, still a great pick here though.

2.) Washington Redskins – Chase Young (DE/Ohio State)

Grade: A+

The best possible player goes to the best possible scenario in the form of the Washington Redskins. This is such a great pick for new coach Ron Rivera’s defensive mind. You now have the tools to make this front seven for Washington one of the best in the NFL. Great choice fellas!

3.) Detroit Lions – Jeffrey Okudah (CB/Ohio State)

Grade: A+

Another great selection here which means another great grade. Okudah is a great shut-down corner and will try to bring a lot of that shut-down presence to Detroit’s secondary alongside Desmond Trufant. After trading Darius Slay, Matt Patricia makes it up here with this amazing talent.

4.) New York Giants – Andrew Thomas (OT/Georgia)

Grade: B+

It wasn’t who I had expected, but I am just glad the Giants drafted with their head and not their eyes. You need to protect Daniel Jones and give Saquon Barkley some running room. There were other tackles that should have gone here, but overall I am happy it is not Isaiah Simmons. Thomas is a good tackle and should provide good coverage for the Giants.

5.) Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa (QB/Alabama)

Grade: A+

“Tank for Tua” was a great campaign and now you have your quarterback of the future to try to take you to the promise land. This was the best spot for him as he can learn behind the Wizard known as Ryan Fitzmagic while resting his body. The Dolphins will be something with this kid. You just wait and see.

Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert (QB/Oregon)

Grade: A

I was skeptical if the Chargers were going to do it or not, but they thought better and picked the right guy for their system. Herbert brings the play now mentality and can easily be put in if Tyrod isn’t successful. Personally, I see a big connection brewing with Herbert and Keenan Allen as well as Hunter Henry. Good pick Chargers!

7.) Carolina Panthers – Derrick Brown (DT/Auburn)

Grade: A

Carolina was in an interesting spot. They could have gone with Brown or Simmons here, but the overall decision was to take Derrick Brown. It was a great decision on their part as you now have a big and destructive defensive tackle to add to a defense in need of desperate help. Good moves for Matt Rhule and company here.

8.) Arizona Cardinals – Isaiah Simmons (LB/S/Clemson)

Grade: C-

The first pick that made me just wince in pain. Kyler Murray was sacked about 50 some times last year and your response is to draft a defensive guy specifically a linebacker-safety hybrid. Is he going to protect Kyler Murray? Nope. It’s a puzzling one considering all the great tackles still left on the board.

9.) Jacksonville Jaguars – C.J. Henderson (CB/Florida)

Grade: A+

It’s not often I give Jacksonville credit for a pick, but this is what they needed. You have now found your replacement for Jalen Ramsey. He brings good character with his talent so hopefully this can boost the Jaguars out of their slump into good things once again.

10.) Cleveland Browns – Jedrick Wills (OT/Alabama)

Grade: A+

Maybe I’m being generous here with these A+ picks, but honestly Cleveland did good here in selecting a great offensive tackle in Jedrick Wills. He can compliment Jack Conklin on whatever side they put him at, and he is a guy that can be put in right now to protect Baker Mayfield from making any more mistakes.

11.) New York Jets – Mekhi Becton (OT/Louisville)

Grade: B

I can’t say I am surprised for the pick of Becton here by the Jets, but you still had Tristan Wirfs to choose from. Adam Gase isn’t really the best mind to go off in terms of doing good things for his team so for now the grade remains a B. This is due in part because Becton in my mind is a project. We’ll just have to see if it passes or fails.

12.) Las Vegas Raiders – Henry Ruggs III (WR/Alabama)

Grade: B

An interesting call here taking Ruggs as the first receiver in the draft. I can’t really doubt the Raiders after their draft class last year, but with names like CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy still available, I was a little in shock. Hopefully, the speedster can do great things for the Raiders.

13.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tristan Wirfs (OT/Iowa)

Grade: A+

(Trade with the San Francisco 49ers)

The Bucs swapped picks with the 49ers here also sending a 4th round pick to the 49ers in return for this selection and a 7th round pick. The pick was Tristan Wirfs and now that they have Tom Brady, this is an amazing pick. You get arguably the best tackle in the draft to protect your quarterback. Nothing else to say here. Let’s move on.

14.) San Francisco 49ers – Javon Kinlaw (DT/South Carolina)

Grade: A-

(Trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Overall, this is a very good selection by the 49ers as they add yet another impending defensive threat to their lineup. In my mind, I would have gone wideout here, but I see why they did it. Kinlaw was the best guy on the board, and now they can put him in to dominate. Such a great story from this guy too man.

15.) Denver Broncos – Jerry Jeudy (WR/Alabama)

Grade: A

Denver finally gets a great receiver to compliment Courtland Sutton and the receiving tight end Noah Fant. Drew Lock should find great success in Jeudy as the offense gets another piece to add to the Broncos puzzle. I’m just glad Elway didn’t get another quarterback here to be honest with you.

16.) Atlanta Falcons – A.J. Terrell (CB/Clemson)

Grade: B-

It’s the right position, but is it the right player? That is what I thought of this pick. You have Kristian Fulton still there and you select A.J. Terrell? Nothing against the kid because I think he is a great corner, but I’m just not sure if the system is right for him. Overall, he and the Falcons get a B- grade here.

17.) Dallas Cowboys – CeeDee Lamb (WR/Oklahoma)

Grade: B

I don’t hate it, but in my mind there are other viable options to go with here mostly on the defensive side. Getting Prescott a shiny new toy helps the offense, but with Byron Jones gone and Travis Frederick retiring, one might argue to take someone else. That is a lot saying because I thought CeeDee Lamb would have been gone by now.

18.) Miami Dolphins – Austin Jackson (OT/USC)

Grade: C+

Again, this is an example of right position, but the wrong guy. I like Austin Jackson, but I am debating if he was really the right choice here with names like Isaiah Wilson and Josh Jones still available on the board. Overall, it’s a little bit better than the average grade so that’s what I am rolling with here.

19.) Las Vegas Raiders – Damon Arnette (CB/Ohio State)

Grade: D+

This has to be a reach here. I get it that Arnette was behind Okudah, but man FULTON IS STILL THERE. I can’t doubt the Raiders becasue the only questionable pick has been Clelin Ferrell, but man was this such a surprise. It wasn’t a good one either, but hopefully he can prove me wrong on the field.

20.) Jacksonville Jaguars – K’Lavon Chaisson (LB/LSU)

Grade: A

I’m surprised he fell this far, but I see why Jacksonville took him. Yannick Ngakoue has expressed his displeasure with the organization, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jaguars trade him away and plug Chaisson in. He can be just as deadly pass rushing as he can play linebacker, but overall great pick for the Jaguars again.

21.) Philadelphia Eagles – Jalen Reagor (WR/TCU)

Grade: C+

I was a little shocked here due to the fact that Justin Jefferson was sitting there waiting for them. Reagor is decent, but is he going to provide that balance that the Eagles really need in terms of a wideout. I think Jefferson would have been a better pick. Reagor just has some issues with catching in traffic, blocking, and his route work, but who knows at this point.

22.) Minnesota Vikings – Justin Jefferson (WR/LSU)

Grade: A-

I might have my grade a little bit higher than most, but honestly Minnesota has found a great talent here in Jefferson. he can bring the explosiveness and slot ability that Minnesota needs with the loss of Stefon Diggs. His catch ability is great and having Kirk Cousins throwing him the ball should result in nothing but great things.

23.) Los Angeles Chargers – Kenneth Murray (LB/Oklahoma)

Grade: B+

(Trade with the New England Patriots)

New England traded away the 23rd pick to the Chargers in exchange for the 37th and 71st overall picks. The result was the Chargers getting Kenneth Murray. A linebacker with great ability to make that defense even more explosive. Was it worth giving up those picks? We will have to wait and see.

24.) New Orleans Saints – Cesar Ruiz (C/Michigan)

Grade: B

Really thought they would have gone Jordan Love here, but oh well. Ruiz is a solid pick here which means Sean Payton might not be as high on Erik McCoy as some might have seemed with this selection. Ruiz brings good effectiveness and quickness to the Saints line and will be a great pick in the long run.

25.) San Francisco 49ers – Brandon Aiyuk (WR/Arizona State)

Grade: B+

(Trade with the Minnesota Vikings)

The 49ers traded up to take Brandon Aiyuk out of Arizona State by sending their second first round pick along with picks 117 and 176 to the Vikings. Overall, I like the kid and think he can fill the position left by Emmanuel Sanders well. How will he mash with Jimmy G remains to be seen though. It is interesting to say the least.

26.) Green Bay Packers – Jordan Love (QB/Utah State)

Grade: C+

(Trade with the Miami Dophins)

Aaron Rodgers has to be fuming right now. I can imagine him as a cartoon character that is so mad smoke is coming out of their ears. You don’t get him another weapon and instead draft his heir apparent in Jordan Love. Not only that, but you traded up to do it. I don’t see Rodgers being a role model to this kid and he’ll likely learn the hard way. This was the pick that sent shock waves throughout the internet. Man, it’s just crazy.

27.) Seattle Seahawks – Jordyn Brooks (LB/Texas Tech)

Grade: F

The hits keep on coming with this odd selection. I really feel bad for Seattle fans including my cousin who constantly have to watch Seattle make odd and ultimately bad picks. I would have gone Matos here with the whole Clowney situation, but man I just don’t get this one especially with Patrick Queen right there.

28.) Baltimore Ravens – Patrick Queen (LB/LSU)

Grade: A

I hate this pick by Baltimore, but it was the right pick. Mainly this is my Steeler bias coming in, but I decided to do the right thing even though it makes me upset knowing he is on their squad now. It seems with this pick, Baltimore solves the defensive hole left by C.J. Mosley. Their defense will be good once again. Ughhhhhhhh…

29.) Tennessee Titans – Isaiah Wilson (OT/Georgia)

Grade: B

Tennessee addresses the offensive line with a plug in play guy in Isaiah Wilson. He will fill the loss of Jack Conklin and with that will protect both Ryan Tannehill who they just extended with a huge contract. Watching his film also makes this good news for Derrick Henry who should have nice running room because of Wilson.

30.) Miami Dolphins – Noah Igbinoghene (CB/Auburn)

Grade: D+

(Trade with the Green Bay Packers)

Let me be clear about this. I like this kid’s ability, but Miami of all places? You just got Byron Jones and have Xavier Howard. Why another corner? In my mind, if you spent your second first round pick on a tackle, then your next pick should be a running back. Swift would have been great here, but who knows he might fall to them. Just a surprising pick here which I didn’t quite like.

31.) Minnesota Vikings – Jeff Gladney (CB/TCU)

Grade: B-

(Trade with the San Francisco 49ers)

I don’t hate this pick as much as I did when it happened since I had Gladney going here in my mock, but man Kristian Fulton must have spit in people’s juice here cause what the actual hell? Overall, Gladney should do good things, but Fulton would have been better. You finally address the Xavier Rhodes position to fill too.

32.) Kansas City Chiefs – Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB/LSU)

Grade: C

Overall, maybe I was a little salty when I made this grade just because I figured another back would go first, but whatever. The LSU product does well with running and receiving and should add another offensive trinket in the scheme. Mahomes should be very happy.

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