5 Take Aways from The Last Dance

Last night I watched the first two episodes of Last Dance on ESPN. The 10 part series centers around Michael Jordan and the 90’s Bulls last championship season. As a sports fan, my sports in order go hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and then basketball. But as a sports fan its impossible to not know the legend of Michael “Air” Jordan. So when the doc was announced I was excited to learn the details of this mystical human.

So here are a few takeaways from my first deep dive on The G.O.A.T. and The Last Dance.

5) The 1984 Bulls Jerseys

Holy shit straight…fire. These jerseys need a reboot like yesterday.

4) Jordan vs The Celtics 1985-86

Everyone knows about the 63 point performance in Game 2. But I did not truly understand just how good the Celtics were and just how bad the Bulls were. Also that the Bulls snuck into the playoffs with Jordan on the bench in the most crucial game of the season. It is one of the purest things in sports to watch a superstar takes his team on his back and carry them to victory. But this performance exceeds that. Because to some extent, it wasn’t for his team, it wasn’t for his coach, it wasn’t for the city. It was for him. To prove to everyone he was the greatest player alive. Mission accomplished.

3) Jerry Krause was the inspiration for Swackhammer

The character of Jerry Krause fascinates me. We will get more into that at the number one take away. But if this wasn’t Jordan taking a shot at Jerry. I’m a monkey’s uncle.

2) Idiot Hour Got It Right

Look, the G.O.A.T. Bracket had its moments. Phil Jackson defeating Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods may have been a reach. But at the end of the day, we got the final answer right. Michael Jordan was “The best person to ever do his job at anything.” Watching these highlights without context he just looks like a skilled basketball player. But when the documentary explains the context of what the environment was like. How Jordan was feeling at the time, and the stakes on the line. It just solidifies that he saved his best moments for when it counted the most.

1) Jerry Krause is an Idiot

Never in the history of sports has anyone ever fired their coach, and traded away their key players after being designated the greatest team ever. It never fucking happens! It just makes no sense. Every franchise pays those guys till they are gray and old. The coach leaves when he wants to. This decision is so insane to me its hard to focus on the documentary. 

How the ownership let him make that call is beyond me. And to add to it Michael Jordan straight up told you I won’t play unless Phil Jackson is the coach. So even if he never intended to trade Jordan he would have been forced to because of Phil getting fired.

Somebody suck me this makes no fucking sense.

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