Should the Steelers trade for Fournette?

This years NFL draft will be one of the most intriguing we will ever see due to the virtual aspects put into place during this pandemic. I personally saw this as an excuse for GM’s to get trade happy, but after the official pretend draft yesterday Broncos GM John Elway said he didn’t expect trades to be a big part of this draft.

It makes sense considering the level of difficulty it would take to pick up the phone and call another GM (sarcasm) but this should be a GM’s dream, right? What I do see being traded more than picks are players such as Yannick Ngakoue, Trent Williams and of course Leonard Fournette.

Fournette to the Steelers has been a growing call from Pittsburgh fans and I’ll admit, it does make some sense. Fournette is a great talent at the RB position and the Jaguars have proven to just not know when they have talent.

Both Fournette and James Conner were drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft and if you were to ask who has had the better career so far, you’d be hard pressed to find someone banging the drum for Conner. I like James Conner as a person and a player and although I believe the Pittsburgh RB room is growing in an interesting direction, I just don’t believe you can convince me that any of these guys are as talented as Fournette.

With Fournette due a base of $4.16 million in 2020, the Steelers would have to try and find additional cap space to pay the RB. It also brings up the question that should the Steelers really focus on a bell cow back when Benny Snell is waiting in the wings for his starting chance?

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind finding a way to have Fournette on the roster. I don’t see the Steelers resigning Conner to anything meaningful after this season with injury and production concerns looming, and although I do like Samuels and Snell, neither (as of right now) seem to be the solution we are looking for.

I don’t expect the Steelers to end up with Fournette just to set the record straight. That being said, I also didn’t think we would snag Ebron.

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