No Sports? Make Your Own

During this time of quarantine we all need something to keep us going. Sports are gone, bars are closed, and even parks are closing their gates. You can only Netflix and Hulu so much, so what is a person supposed to do? Well, the simple answer is get creative.

Last week on one beautiful sunny day, I ventured out to a park to shoot hockey with some friends. Good idea, probably not? But that’s besides the point.. It was at the park we played a game we like to call “Hockey Golf”. The game itself is a fun trick shot style game. One person picks a target and everyone tries to hit the target in the fewest amount of shots possible. I enjoyed the game so much, I decided to create my own version of it to play while being self quarantined at home.

Hockey Golf Remastered

Materials: A hockey ball, hockey stick, and a bucket or planter’s basket

Objective: Get the hockey ball into the bucket (kind of obvious)

Game Styles:

  • Hole in One – Objective of the game is to shoot the ball into the bucket in one shot. I recommend picking a close distance shot to start off with, it will help you boost your confidence so you can advance to further distances and more challenging shots.
Hole In One – Hockey Golf Remastered
  • Par 3 – Objective of the game is to start from a far distance and try to make the ball into the bucket in 3 shots or less. Similar to actual golf, you will come across obstacles such as rocks, tall grass, dirt, and whatever else makes up the area you are playing in.
Par 3 – Hockey Golf Remastered
  • The Race is On– Objective of the game is to start at a far distance away from the hole (bucket) and juggle the hockey ball the entire distance before hitting it into the bucket. This game style would be more fun with other people, however it can be done solo during quarantine. (I can confirm it can be done, however it is hard to film yourself while juggling a ball up the yard, while holding a hockey stick and phone.. you get it)
The Race Is On – Hockey Golf Remastered
  • Freestyle – This one is up to you, you can create trick shots, set a limit on the amount of shots you can take, or just come up with whatever your heart desires.

This pandemic is a wild time for all of us. With sports not returning anytime soon, we have to keep ourselves busy while following the proper procedures. Hockey Golf is one of those ways you can still have fun at your own house, during this rough time. Sun’s out Clubs out!

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