Black Mamba, Duncan and KG to the Hall

Man…some good news. I am so glad that this is the current class, mainly because these dudes are the best of an era. These guys were just unreal, having moments that not many humans get to experience.

News broke today that Kobe Bryant Tim Duncan and Kevin “Anything is Possible” Garnett will all enter the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame for the 2020 class.

The hall requires you to have been away from the game of Basketball for 4 years, meaning that since Bryant retired in 2016, this was his first shot at glory.

I mean…was there any doubt that these three would get in? Kevin Garnett was on the original Big 3, Tim Duncan is wildly considered one of, if not THE, best power forward ever, and Bryant is a top 5 player of all time on any list ever.

Kevin Garnett was a BEAST for the Timberwolves early on in his career and later left to join Paul Pierce and Ray Allen as the original modern era Big 3 in Boston.

Tim Duncan is the absolute key player in the Spurs organization for about 20 freaking years and now has a promising coaching career under Pop in San Antonio.

Bryant passed away this year, starting off basically what has been the single worst year in human history since the day Jesse James caught that pass against the Pats. (still bitter)

I love all of these guys and I’m so happy for this class. Let’s just watch some old sports and be happy now, ok?

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