My Top Ten Wrestlemania Moments

Wrestlemania 36 is a two-day special for this weekend guys, and honestly, if it weren’t for COVID-19 this year’s Wrestlemania would be packed with seats and the crowds would be roaring with cheers and boos for their favorite and most-hated wrestlers. Sadly, with the virus spread, Wrestlemania is not as cool as I’d hoped it would be for this year.

Nevertheless, I am still excited to see it because you only get it once a year. Likely with it will be some epic Wrestlemania moments. Every fan has their own favorite moments, but today I am going to give you my top ten favorite Wrestlemania moments with two honorable mentions in there because there are simply too many of them to put in such a small category. So without further ado…

Honorable Mentions:

The Women Main Event Mania

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey (Triple Threat Match for Both RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championships)

Wrestlemania 35

For those that have watched the past 34 Wrestlemanias the theme was the same. The men led the main event, the grandest stage of them all and have done it most of the other PPVs in WWE. However, Wrestlemania broke boundaries here by giving us an incredible main event headlined by the women of the WWE. Not only that, but it would be for both the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championships in a winner take all match. The promo work leading up to it was great, and while the match had a sloppy finish, it was a pretty good main event and a big step for the women’s evolution in WWE.

Reliving The Monday Night Wars

Sting vs Triple H (No Disqualification Match)

Wrestlemania 31

At Wrestlemania 31, we went through a time warp when Sting and Triple H stepped into the ring together. As the match progressed on, Sting looked like he was going to pick up the victory when all of a sudden DX’s music hit and down the ramp came Road Dog, X-Pac, and Billy Gunn. Suddenly, Triple H had the advantage, but when he was about to seal the deal the music of NWO hit. Down the ramp came Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. The two factions brawled bringing out the good old days and nostalgia back to WWE. Even Shawn Michaels came back with some Sweet Chin Music. I wish the outcome was different, but the moment was still crazy.

10.) The Hardy Boyz Return

The Bar vs The Club vs Enzo and Cass vs The Hardy Boyz (RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)

Wrestlemania 33

This was such a surreal moment that my body literally shut down for a few seconds when I realized what was happening. The original match was supposed to be a triple threat between the Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus), the Club (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson), and Enzo and Big Cass. However, the New Day’s music hit so you figured they would be competing in the match. Instead, since they were the hosts of Wrestlemania, they made an announcement that the match was now a fatal-four-way. They then introduced the fourth team. It was the goddamn Hard Boyz. After nine years, they were back in WWE and not only that, but they won the RAW Tag Team Championships. It was amazing man.

9.) Holy Hardcore!

Edge vs Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)

Wrestlemania 22

Holy shit. This was nuts. When fans think of hardcore, they normally go to the era of extreme in ECW. However, these two nut cases brought it to the grandest stage of them all. It got brutal real quick with both men being opened up, weapons flying all over the place, and barb wire was brought into the mix as well. However, things got “extremely” hardcore when Lita sprayed a table with lighter fluid and lit the match. At the flaming table is one thing, but when Edge speared Mick Foley through it…man I honestly thought someone died. It scared me, but damn was it cool looking back on it.

8.) Hogan Slams Andre

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant (WWE Championship)

Wrestlemania III

I know. I know. You expected this to be higher up on the list, but it isn’t so don’t boo already. I will say this was something out of pure disbelief man. While I wasn’t much of a fan of the actual wrestling going on here, the best moment of the match came when Hulk Hogan actually body-slammed Andre the Giant. Folks, just so you are aware, that is 520 pounds he picked up and slammed. Honestly one of the best moments of this list and of Hulk Hogan’s career. It was before my time frame so that’s why it’s not that high on the list though.

7.) Tables, Ladders, and Chairs: Oh My

The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian (World Tag Team Championship TLC Match)

Wrestlemania 17

A Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match between three tag teams for the belts on the grandest stage of them all. Sign me up man. Not only is this regarded as one of the best tag team matches in the history of TLC, but one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history. The main moment comes in this match when Jeff Hardy is hanging by the tag titles in the air and what happens next? Edge spears Hardy from the top of a ladder. It is regarded as one of the best moments in Mania history and one of my big time favorites despite it being at number seven.

6.) Icon vs Icon

The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

Wrestlemania 18

A once in a lifetime dream match fulfilled. The Rock and Hulk Hogan in the same ring battling each other for the honor of the fans. These two titans went all out to make one of the most entertaining matches I had seen on screen. It got even better when Hulk Hogan went full Hulkamaniac on the Brahma Bull. Ultimately, it was the Rock that got the best of him when he hit the People’s Elbow for the victory. The charisma of both these men helped propel this match to be so entertaining and such a Wrestlemania moment.

5.) The Heist of the Century

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Championship)

Seth Rollins Cashes In Money in the Bank

Wrestlemania 31

It was a match that really everyone wanted Brock Lesnar to retain his WWE Championship. It wasn’t because Brock Lesnar was a good guy. It was because no one wanted his opponent Roman Reigns to win. Roman Reigns was the face, but he was not over in the slightest bit. When both of these monsters destroyed each other so much in this match, the unthinkable happened. Seth Rollin’s music hit and out he came with the Money in the Bank contract and cashed in on the biggest stage of Wrestlemania and won the WWE Championship. It was unheard of, but man was it amazing to see.

4.) The Double Turn

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart (Submission Match)

Wrestlemania 13

Quite possibly the greatest double turn in WWE history took place between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13. It wasn’t for a title, but man this felt like it. Each person had to make the other submit. Bret was the face (good guy) and Austin was the heel (bad guy). By the end of the night they switched roles when Bret Hart locked in the Sharpshooter on Stone Cold. Austin refused to quit or tap out with blood running down his face. He instead chose to pass out from the pain. The crowd got on his side and hated Bret Hart. It was honestly an incredible thing to see.

3.) 21-1

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

Wrestlemania 30

This one kind of rubbed me the wrong way at first. It was mostly because all these great stars had come and tried to take down the Deadman’s legendary Wrestlemania undefeated streak. So it shook me to the core when Brock Lesnar accomplished what many have tried to do for so long. Now looking back on it, yes it still hurts to see, but if someone asks me about wrestling this is one of the things I remember most. Not many moments make me feel that type of way, but this one did. I still don’t like the result, but it is one of the most powerful moments in WWE knowing that the streak was indeed over.

2.) The YES! Movement Prevails

Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship)

Wrestlemania 30

Wrestlemania 30 goes back to back here with the amazing accomplishment that Daniel Bryan pulled off. Earlier in the night, Daniel Bryan took on Triple H with the winner advancing to the main event between Randy Orton and Batista for the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan would beat Triple H and then of course (the heel that he is) Triple H assaulted Bryan after the match basically tearing his shoulder out. Bryan went out (bad shoulder and all) and won the WWE Championship making Batista tap out to the Yes! Lock. The message was simple. WWE listened to their fans and realized they might have screwed up by not including Daniel Bryan. He took out three legends in one night and cemented his legacy at Wrestlemania. Man it’s still crazy to think about.

1.) “I’m Sorry. I Love You”

Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair (Career Threatening Match)

Wrestlemania 24

Ric Flair wanted to face the best of the best on the grandest stage of them all. He wanted Mr. Wrestlemania. He wanted Shawn Michaels. The problem is that if Flair lost a match he would have to retire. Shawn considered Ric a mentor and didn’t want to do that knowing he could be the one to end Ric’s career. This had everything with drama to Old Yeller references and a hell of a match put on by these two. It ended when Ric got up badly beaten and broken asking for more. Shawn would utter the words; “I’m sorry. I love you.” and sealed it with a Sweet Chin Music ending Ric’s career. It was one of the most memorable and emotional moments in WWE history and it happened at Wrestlemania. My personal favorite.

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