Dance Gavin Dance Drops Strawberry’s Wake

With this whole pandemic going on, I’ve had a lot of time to analyze and listen to new music. You know that my boys never take a day off so about less than a week ago they dropped their new single Strawberry’s Wake. Let me tell you this, this track was really fun to listen to.

“Strawberry’s Wake” is the second single released from Dance Gavin Dance leading up to their Afterburner album set for release on April 24th. Their first single “Prisoner” lived up to the hype for a groovy post-hardcore jam that I thoroughly enjoyed.

This new one however kind of gives off a very fun and energetic vibe that I’ve never really experienced before. The thing I noticed the most was Jon Mess’s vocals in this song. The screams sounded more lively than his normal repertoire.

Overall, the song is amazing and the video is downright hilarious and weird. In my mind, Prisoner is still better from your normal genre of post-hardcore. However, with everything going on in the world, “Strawberry’s Wake” is just what music fans need to put a smile on their faces. Check it out now!

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