Things Sports Fans Should Stock Up On During Quarantine

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is a tough time to be a human right now. Especially if you are a sports fan. While being made to stay at home, we can’t even watch live sports let alone attend any games because there are none. NFL free agency is about all we have at the moment. Everything across the board has been cancelled or postponed with no real end in sight. So in these trying times, I figured I’d give my fellow fanatics some tips on what you need to survive in this dead time in the world of sports.


This has to be the first priority right? If your local grocery store doesn’t look like ones that they feature in The Walking Dead, then head there and munchie up. Chips and dip are a given. Soda Pop or whatever beverage you’d like to have unless you were smart and stocked up at the liquor store or beer distributor. And if you have a sweet tooth like me, some candy and desserts to comfort our aching hearts and eventually our aching stomachs. Trust me it’s worth it.

Nostalgic Sports Footage

Since there are no live sports, throw on ESPN, ESPN Classic, NBA TV, NHL Network, NFL Network, or any championship DVDs you have to reminisce to the good old days. Plenty of sports networks have been re-airing old games and events to give us a quality throwback to better times and also get us by one classic moment at a time until new ones are made after this pandemic. Plop on the couch, turn on the ol boob toob and get some type of sports watching in my friends.

Video Games

If you can’t watch the game, play it. Load up Madden, FIFA, 2k, The Show, NHL or any other sports games you like and make it happen for yourself. I’ve seen plenty of people even just simulating match ups and watching those to make it feel like a game is on. Maybe even hop on an online server and make a 12 year old cry because you’re older, stronger, smarter and angrier about not having sports than he is. Show no mercy. I don’t know, get wild with it.

Phone Calls/Facetimes

If you are truly practicing social distancing, then instead of meeting up with your friends for a drink, call them up. Debate about sports over the phone. Create conversations as if you would at the bar, or watching a game at home. Making your buddy feel like an idiot about his opinions on sports always lightens your mood.


This is the most important one yet. In my lifetime, I’ve never had an event as crazy as the Corona virus outbreak happen. With this shutting down more than just the sports world, it has caused an understandable panic and is becoming worse and worse. So for the time being, just take the proper precautions to stay healthy. Hope that a cure is found soon, hope that quarantine is over soon, and hope that we can get back to enjoying what we love on a daily basis. Especially sports. Stay strong bucket heads!

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