The Top Ten Teams That Should Trade For OBJ

With the rise of this wide receiver class in the 2020 combine one might argue to try to pick up one of these guys to put on their team. On the other hand, some receivers aren’t treated with the best of care. I had noticed a video on Espn that explained why Green Bay should trade for Odell Beckham Jr. So I thought I’d template this and give a list of other names that could trade for him since it doesn’t appear to me that he is happy in Cleveland and why would he be honestly?

Beckham is hands down one of the most charismatic and misused wide receivers on the board. He was on two awful teams in the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns. He needs a team that will put his skills to the test and bring in some wins for the franchise. Here are my top ten teams that should trade for Odell Beckham Jr.

10.) Pittsburgh Steelers

You guys knew I had to put it in here. Some people might be on the fence with trading for Odell Beckham Jr. after the Antonio Brown incident. However, I feel that after dealing with that issue, Mike Tomlin has a better sense of controlling diva wide receivers. The only issues I see are these when considering this. One, we have to get the trade okay from Cleveland and since they are in our division that could be a little dicey. Two, Cleveland would most likely want a first round pick for him which we do not have. In order to accomplish this trade, Pittsburgh would probably have to give up next year’s first round pick. It seems unlikely, but crazier things have happened in the NFL, and having Beckham makes Pittsburgh ten times better in the offensive department.

9.) Detroit Lions

Now I get it. Why trade Odell Beckham to another garbage team like the Lions? Doesn’t make a lot of sense right? However, for some reason I can actually see him doing well in Detroit under the leadership of Matt Patricia and having Matthew Stafford as your quarterback is a complete upgrade in my opinion from Eli Manning and Baker Mayfield. Plus he would be alongside Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones. That trio would be amazing.

8.) Buffalo Bills

It’s not the craziest option, but that is fine. The Bills did very well acquiring John Brown and Cole Beasley. However, there is still some need at the wideout position, and Beckham wouldn’t be a bad pick although they will most likely go receiver in the draft. My only argument and why this is essentially the near last on the list is because the culture change that Buffalo wants doesn’t fit Beckham’s recent behavior stunts in New York and Cleveland.

7.) Denver Broncos

Like Buffalo, I believe that Denver will seek out help for the wide out position in the draft with possibly drafting Jerry Jeudy as the guy. However, just imagine this; Odell Beckham, Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, Phillip Lindsay, and Drew Lock. That is all I have to say about that.

6.) Arizona Cardinals

Many people quite frankly might think this is a weird pick, but think about it for a second. The Cardinals in my mind will have a much better season than they did in 2019 when they address some key issues in the offensive tackle position. Wideouts are another thing and we saw how Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk did with Kyler Murray as their quarterback. Why not take a chance on Beckham in an air raid offense that could potentially make this team great once again?

5.) San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers could possibly lose Emmanuel Sanders in free agency if they don’t pay him the money. So if that happens, why not make a trade for someone who could instantly make your offense ten times better? Kyle Shanahan would have a field day managing and constructing plays around OBJ. Plus having him would make him an instant target fro Jimmy G instead of tossing the ball to names like Kittle, Samuel, or Bourne. They have the picks to do it and the money shouldn’t hopefully be a problem once other names are paid.

4.) Las Vegas Raiders

Imagine the creativity drawn up with Odell Beckham Jr. on the Raiders. I assume they will go receiver in the draft, but suppose they also get my guy CeeDee Lamb. Then my friends, you have a brutal wide receiver core that could tear teams apart. OBJ, CeeDee Lamb, Tyrell Williams, and their tight end Darren Waller. Whatever your opinion is on Derek Carr, you cannot imagine how amazing his stats would go up if they got Beckham in this trade.

3.) Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are a team that has been hurting for wide receiver talent. If you don’t believe me then just check out how injured their team was and the talent they were using. Some names are looking to make their way out the door, so why not go out and get a guy that Carson Wentz would be thrilled to have. I have this great image of him alongside DeSean Jackson on the field and honestly if I was going against those two I would be extremely nervous.

2.) Green Bay Packers

The one this idea started off of. If you want Green Bay to be successful, you need to give Discount Double Check Aaron Rodgers another weapon to work with besides Davante Adams. My belief is that they plan to go wide receiver in this draft anyway so why not just swap the first round pick for one of the best receivers in football today. That duo of Beckham and Adams would be unstoppable with Rodgers backing them. With that, they hopefully give Rodgers another Super Bowl shot before he retires.

1.) New England Patriots

I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t happened yet to be honest. If Brady somehow does stay in New England, then he must have a weapon he can rely on. Odell Beckham and Tom Brady would make an excellent pair and we have seen in the past that Bill Belichick isn’t afraid to draft diva receivers. Let’s just count the names; Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco, and Antonio Brown. This honestly works if they have Brady or not as the newly drafted quarterback they plan on taking or Jarrett Stidham could have a great weapon for them to work with.

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