Pay Prescott His Money

It’s not everyday that I talk about a superstar like I talk about this guy. Dak Prescott is coming off his best season yet for the Dallas Cowboys, and somehow the conversation is he should either get paid his money or the Cowboys should franchise tag him?

I get it from a business standpoint with Jerry and Stephen Jones I really do. But they continue to praise this man’s accomplishments yet refuse to pay him the big money. Some might argue the point of, look what happened when you paid other quarterbacks such as Matt Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and Jared Goff. They folded and haven’t won the big one since.

However, I would have said that Dak Prescott has done more for the Dallas Cowboys in terms of his stats and his attitude. Prescott has 15,778 total yards thrown, 97 passing touchdowns, 21 rushing touchdowns, and 36 interceptions since 2016. That’s pretty damn good if I do say so myself. He is literally only 24 years old and has accomplished all of this so far.

Last year alone he had his best season with the Cowboys.

  • 4,902 Passing Yards
  • 30 Touchdowns
  • 11 Interceptions
  • Three Rushing Touchdowns
  • Completed 65% of his Passes (3 out of 4 years that he’s been the starter)

Pretty crazy right? However, the job the of quarterback is not only based on stats, but is also based on the moral character and work effort of the quarterback. Dak Prescott in his four years of starting with the Dallas Cowboys has never missed game, missed only one practice, and is overall just a great leader to the Dallas Cowboys.

So why have the Cowboys not pulled the trigger on this yet and give him the deal. I think it is completely unfair to Prescott who has busted his butt trying to win games for the Cowboys and they are constantly paying other people such as Ezekiel Elliot, Demarcus Lawrence, and eventually Amari Cooper (not to mention the offensive linemen as well).

They need to swallow their pride and realize that Prescott is the future and pay him his money. I guarantee you this. If the Cowboys franchise tag him then you can kiss him goodbye from The Cowboys organization and it will be all from the faults of Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, and at the time head coach Jason Garrett whose playing calling absolutely killed Prescott’s ability.

What do you think though? Does Prescott deserved to be paid or does he deserve the franchise tag?

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