Kung Fury; The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

That’s right guys. Today I am talking about Kung Fury and why it is probably one of the weirdest and greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I first watched this spectacle when I came home from the college bar scene and I started watching YouTube…then I stumbled upon Kung Fury.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was trending and seemed like an interesting thing to watch. What I got was one of the most hilarious and bizarre short films I had ever seen. From 80’s action movies to kung fu fighting styles, and finally getting into time travel, this short film when I first watched it was probably the worst best thing I have ever seen.

Here and there I go back and experience hilarity at its finest and I appreciate it a little more each time. I mean when you combine kung fu with different elements that you normally wouldn’t see make this probably one of the most unique feelings I have ever felt while watching a movie. Don’t take my word for it though, you can watch it yourself below as well as the amazing music from one of the people from the movie; David Hasselhoff.

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