The Astros are getting hit and it’s only Spring Training

Okay. So we knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I mean the Astros kind of asked for it. But, we’re only a few days into live games in Spring Training and the Cheaters……Sorry I mean Astros are already getting plunked.

And then some.

Bregman got plunked recently.

Altuve got plunked in his very first at-bat of Spring Training, even though reports came out and the pitcher said he “lost control” of a breaking ball. Mhmm sure ya did, everyone’s been there.

I remember plunking my arch enemy in little league and when my coach asked me what happened I said I lost control of my curveball. He said I can’t throw a curveball, I walked off the mind with a laugh. Oh here’s the video of Altuve.

The Astros….sorry cheaters….aren’t only getting plunked but they are getting boo’d as well. I mean listen to the fans give it to George Springer.

And the Astros are still stealing those god damn signs.

Typical. They still haven’t learned their lesson.

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