XFL Recap Week 02

Week Two of the XFL is in the books. We are starting to see a clear divide between the haves and have nots. Let’s break down each game.

The Houston Roughnecks hold off the St Louis Battlehawks.

This might have been the best football game of the week. Both teams come in undefeated only one team leaves with that honor in tack.

The matchup would be between Houston’s electric offense and St. Louis nasty defense. Could PJ Walker escape the blitzing prowess of the Battle Hawks to continue is dominance as the top QB in the league?

The short answer is YES. Walker found his favorite target this week in Cam Phillips. Phillips had 3 touchdowns, all of which were broken plays.

The athleticism of Walker managed to prolong plays and find Phillips in the back of the end zone. Honestly, these touchdowns look like schoolyard football. You go long and that way I will get you the ball. It’s exciting and it was the main reason the Roughnecks are still undefeated. 

Dallas and LA

Both teams came into the game looking for their first wins. LA dominated most of the game defensively picking off Dallas’ Landry Jones twice and sacking him twice. The game’s balance shifted with 6 minutes remaining in the third quarter. When Landry standing with his heels in the endzone threw an absolute dime to Joshua Crocket for 39 yards. After that Dallas was rolling scoring three touchdowns in the final quarter and a half of the game to win.

LA looks like they are better than their scores. They have a takeaway type defense. But they drew the Roughnecks in week one and ran into a hot QB late in the game they should have won. Next week they play DC I would imagine they face the same fate. Week 4 if this team still has any spirit left they will have a winnable game against New York.

Tampa vs Seatle

The quarterback controversy continues for my beloved Vipers. They still have yet to score a touchdown which is not ideal. To quote the great John Madden, “The team with more points will win the game”. In spite of what the Pittsburgh Steelers did last season generally, you need to score touchdowns to win a football game!

Seattle did not do much better. They barely broke 200 total yards of offense. But their single touchdown was enough to win the game. 

Quinton Flowers had 12 snaps. Which is double what he had last week, but again the kid needs to start. Cornelius had 154 yards passing, but his longest pass was for 21 yards. Flowers is electric and has the ability to open up this offense. Especially in the XFL where the rules benefit QBs like Flowers. If you need any proof look to PJ Walker in Houston.

D.C. is the best XFL team.

Last week DC beat the wheels off of Seatle. This week they beat the wheels off of the New York Guardians. What ensued is the biggest party in football.

Cardell Jones threw for 276 Yards and lead his team to an undeniable victory. And as New York struggled to find any footing offensively it became apparent to the Defenders Fans that this was well in hand. So they did what any good fan base would do.

Build a snake out of cups that stretched the length of an entire section.

Then afterward drank on the field with number 69 Cole Boozer. Cause that is what football is all about baby. 

I know that the XFL team you root for is a birthright. Something that is passed down from generations. Families’ ties to their XFL teams are deeper than their ties to each other. Our families picked XFL teams before we picked our own names. But if I wouldn’t be disowned by my Father I would cheer for DC.

The fans have Bill Mafia Vibes, the team has the scrappy underdog story of the Titans. They may not be the “best” team in the league, but they certainly are the most fun.

The real matchup we are wanting to see is the Roughnecks and Defenders. We will have to wait until week 7. By that point in time, PJ Walker will have singed an NFL deal and literally all of DC will be so drunk they have no idea the game is being played.

Next week’s game to watch would be NY Guardians visit the St. Louis Battlehawks. Both teams are one and one and are trying to solidify themselves as the next tear behind Houston and DC.

I have not been impressed with Seattle yet, and Landry Jones seems to have finally found his rhythm seems like an easy win for Dallas.

The LA Wildcats made big strides last week but they won’t be big enough to overcome the Booze Cruise.

Finally my beloved Vipers will most likely switch back to Murray and continue to limit Quinton Flowers snaps. Therefore the only team to not score a touchdown will be publicly humiliated by the best team in the league. 

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