Brooksy’s First Mock Draft…and 3 Potential First Round Trades

Full disclosure, this is my first time officially doing a full-round mock. I typically do a seven round mock with the Steelers, but this is new territory for me.

For the most part, I consider myself a “team need” drafter as opposed to going best player available.

Check out my initial mock draft below. At the end, I will make note of a few teams who could be looking to trade up or down in the draft.

My favorite wrench that is always thrown into the first round is when a team trades up or down. After months of planning for all sorts of different scenarios, NFL front offices have to embrace chaos after a trade…

I can imagine the following team’s potentially executing a draft night trade.

Detroit trading down from No. 3 overall pick. This one is all about how desperate Miami will get about securing Tua. After much of his medical questions were mostly silenced, we could see Tua’s stock rise with a QB hungry team looking to trade up. I could see the Fins and Lions swapping 2020 1sts with Detroit also getting one of Miami’s 2020 second rounds picks and a second-rounder in 2021. In this scenario, I could still see Detroit getting Okudah at No. 5 this could be a win/win.

New Orleans jumps up to get Love. I have the Saints still getting Love at 24, but what if his post-combine stock rises and the Saints don’t want to risk losing their guy. I think the Saints are definitely going QB here and may need to jump ahead of the Raiders at pick 19 to secure Jordan Love. The Saints could look to trade with Dallas or Miami. I imagine swapping the 17/18 and 24th picks would require the Saints giving three third-fourth round picks across the next two years.

Eagles move to get WR. The Eagles have one of the most glaring needs for the first round. Getting an explosive WR for Carson Wentz is a requirement and luckily for them, GM Howie Roseman is no stranger to making some draft day moves. Depending on how some picks shake out, I could see Philly jumping up 3-4 spots to ensure getting a more valuable prospect. I don’t see them getting up to pick 12 or 13 to make a move for Jeudy or Lamb, but I have learned to never count Philly out.

Stay tuned for future mocks as we get closer and closer to Draft Weekend 2020!

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