The Houston Astros are completely BONKERS

This situation continues to get crazier and crazier and the Astros are starting to look like complete BAFOONS.

At one point in my baseball fandom, I liked the Astros. I was a big fan of Bregman, Altuve, Correa and a few of the other guys. But after this latest news I can’t really even have a liking of them anymore.

Houston Astros Owner Jim Crane held a press conference on Thursday and claimed the sign-stealing scandal had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ASTROS WINNING THEIR WORLD SERIES IN 2017.


Like he’s gotta be completely delusional right now right? Stealing signs had nothing to do with the Astros winning a World Series. Yea, he should definitely still be an owner in MLB. WOW

And while the owner is out here claiming that the cheating didn’t affect the 2017 World Series, Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve are out here apologizing on behalf of the whole organization. Just like with the AB apology yesterday, I don’t believe a lick of this apology really, they know they cheated and the only reason they are apologizing is because they got caught.

Then you got guys like Correa who are claiming they didn’t wear any devices, buzzers, nothing during that World Series it was just good-ole fashion sign-stealing.

They know they cheated, they know they did something wrong, they know that they will be marked for the rest of eternity in MLB. And they continue to make themselves look like bafoons.

I can’t deal with this situation anymore. It’s absolute bafoonery.

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