Antonio Brown apologizes to Big Ben

I don’t know what to think about this, I can’t really tell if this is truly heart felt or if this is Antonio Brown just being Antonio Brown.

On Wednesday, via his instagram, the former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver apologized to Big Ben.

When AB was with the Steelers I mean this connection was bonkers. They had a WiFi type connection and it was truly awesome to watch. But, towards the end of his time in the Steel City, the relationship became sour and it ultimately ended on bad terms, but what these two did was hands down ELECTRIC.

Now, over the past few weeks AB has been up and down. He’s been tied to a boxing match with YouTube star Logan Paul. Then, last week, he went on 93.7 The Fan for a wild 22-minute interview that spanned a bunch of different topics, including his hatred for JuJu, his future in the NFL, he actually opened the interview by apologizing to the Steelers and he also said everything that he’s done is pretty much out of pure boredom.

Honestly, it was a wild interview, if you haven’t listened to it yet, please do. I’ll even make it easy on you.

This guy is one of the greatest wide receivers to ever grace a gridiron I mean honestly, he could probably still find his way into the NFL Hall of Fame and I hope, one day, we see him back on an NFL field.

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