Mac Miller, Circles

It’s Friday morning in Pittsburgh. A light snow gently falls from the heavens. The overwhelming breeze that has pledged the city for the past few days has subsided. It’s cold, like a Pittsburgh winter should be.

As everyone awoke this morning they found the last offering from the city’s own. Mac Miller’s album Circles sits dead center as we open Spotify.

A sense of grief and joy will sweep over every Pittsburgher today. The joy coming from this final piece to the collection to Mac’s legacy. The grief remembering that it will be the last.

The album itself takes a more upbeat attitude than Swimming. As Circles is meant to be the companion piece to the 2018 release. However it seems to take on a completely different tone since Miller’s death. It feels almost like an apology, or a grouping of poems telling us everything will be ok.

It sends chills down your spine wondering if Mac knew the end was near.

No matter your taste in music or opinion of the artist, everyone has to listen. If you ever lived in Pittsburgh, loved Pittsburgh or even visited, it is your civic duty today to give this album a spin.

A city that believes in taking care of its own. A city that Mac loved as much as it loved him. 

It’s a Friday in Pittsburgh and for the last time we have new music from Mac Miller.

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