How to help Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has been on an absolute war path destroying his entire life piece by piece since he left the Steelers. Most recently, he was on Instagram live yelling at cops while calling one of the mothers of his children a fishbowl.

I don’t get the reference, but what I do understand as this man has burned every bridge that was built. No man should act like that towards a female. No father, especially, should act like that in the presence of his children. There has been a ton of destruction dealing with this man, but yesterday his agent Drew Rosenhaus severed ties with AB until he sought help. The only man left in his corner, and that bridge was burned down to the ground. 

I’ve seen people on twitter offer thoughts and prayers for him to seek help. People need to realize something: you cannot help anyone who does not want to help themselves. Antonio Brown does not want help. He’s a narcissistic clown who is in complete denial about him destroying his own life. In order to get the proper help, you have to want to help yourself. This man is addicted to himself.

I’ve never seen someone build something so great for themselves and tear it down soon after. It’s truly a sad story, but there’s no use in hoping he fixes it. He doesn’t even realize he’s self-destructing. 

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