Police Issue Warrant for Odell Beckham Jr.

Per Nola.com :

“New Orleans police on Thursday morning obtained an arrest warrant accusing NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. of simple battery in relation to a locker room interaction he had with a Superdome police officer Monday night. 

A police spokesman said the warrant was issued after a video showed Beckham apparently slapping an officer’s buttocks after LSU’s championship game.

A law enforcement source said authorities originally sought a warrant for a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, but it was declined by a judge.”

WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! So I’m not really someone that has a major stance on OBJ either side of the thing the field, but I will say the fact that he kept butting into the LSU celebration was annoying AF. Then, we saw this :

I get that the cop was being a complete Hardo and trying to ruin arguably the most electric Natty in recent memory, but WTF are you doing Odell? In the words of one Adam Schefter (about a different situation):

Just to put it into a little perspective, yes it was just a gentle butt smack…but, that’s not allowed at all in any realm in  today’s world, right? I mean this dude deservedly got arrested for this act :

Odell was acting like an idiot, plain and simple. He handed out money to students which is literally causing an issue with elligibility:

he kept intterupting Coach O

and now this? What is this dude doing?

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