A $10 Bet That Will Win You $4K This Weekend.

Degenerate Denny is in full swing for the English Premier League matchups this weekend, and there’s no better way to win some quick money than to hit the 8-team parlay bet that I am about to tell you about.

To give you all a little background, I have hit two 7 team parlay bets so far this year, one being for The Premier League, and the other being the last round of the Champions League. Both of those bets turned $10 into $1,000 and $1,200 respectively. I don’t make these bets every week, I make them when I have a good feeling that they will actually hit. This is one of those weeks. The Premier League has some damn good matchups this week, and the odds on some of the games are actually quite mind-boggling. The games that are on the ticket are bet on who will win the game. So, the moment you have all been waiting for… The Betslip.

To shed light on some of these picks, There are several different factors that play into why these picks were made. First and most important factor, is team form. The second important factor is where they are in the league table. There are some games that I think are going to be close calls, and there is not any clear cut favorite to win.

The two games that gave me the hardest time with finalizing this bet are the Southampton vs Wolves matchup and the Norwich City and Bournemouth matchup.

If you look at the EPL table, the Wolves are far ahead of Southampton, but Southampton hasn’t lost a match in their 5 previous games. I think it’s time that Southampton is going to lose to the Wolves, who they tied in their previous matchup in October. If you feel differently, by all means, pick Southampton. The potential payout only changes from $4,452.87 to $3,773.62.

Norwich City vs. Bournemouth. The battle of the bottom. the crap vs the other crap. I honestly looked and chose the better of the two teams on the league table for this game. Norwich City is projected to win, but after seeing Bournemouth tie Arsenal at the end of last month, I feel that Callum Wilson has a few tricks up his sleeve, and scores some goals against a weak and last place Norwich side. If you feel differently and think Norwich will win, your payout would go down to $2,594.36.

If you don’t feel comfortable making this kind of a bet, I get it. There’s a lot that needs to happen to win. If you wanted to bet on a single game, bet the house on Sheffield United in the Arsenal vs Sheffield United game. Sheffield United is projected to lose against an Arsenal side that won’t have their leading scorer, Aubameyang, due to serving a three-game ban. I honestly cannot comprehend how Sheffield is expected to lose this match. Arsenal is currently sitting in 10th place, and in awful form, and without their leading goal scorer. THIS IS WHERE YOU WIN YOUR MONEY!!!!!

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