Four Year Strong Releases New Music

The return of the Easycore kings Four Years Strong. This band invaded ear waves from 2007-2011 releasing three excellent Studio albums. Their debut album, “Rise or Die Trying” was critically acclaimed at the peak of Pop Punk and Easycore in the late 2000’s.

After going nonstop for the better part of 5 years the band took a long hiatus from 2011 to 2015. When they released the self-titled album Four Years Strong. Fans were delighted to have their favorite band back. Though the music didn’t seem to land as everyone had hoped. It was good but didn’t seem to carry the same weight as the first three albums.

Shortly after the band toured on a ten year anniversary tour for their debut album, they vowed to come back with new music soon. Jump to 2020 and the band has come through on their promise. Today releasing two new tracks, Brain Pain and Talking Myself in Circles.

Brain Pain

Opening FYS’s signature muted riffs you instantly feel the weight that had been missing since 2011. Darker sounding vocals built with the driving urgency in a song that the band is known for. Shouting at the top of his vocal range, Alan sends my heart into a flurry imaging the epic circle put this would create to open a show. The disjointed rhythm of the chorus opens up and produces lyrics hinting to battling anxiety. “All this attention is making me nervous. Clear the air, watch them disappear.” Clearly these lyrics are meant to be screamed at the top of your lungs. Then a bridge that builds to a break down so heavy it’s almost Hardcore. Finishing with a melodic chorus. 

Talking Myself in Circle

A melodic pop-punk jam that would feel right at home on a Trophy Eyes record. Airy vocals being driven forward by a pounding bass riff and hair metal dueling guitars. This one is defiantly and earwig that will get stuck in your head for a while.

The two songs could not be more different which I think is exciting. It leaves the tone of the album very open. Will we get a return to the Easycore sound that made them famous. Or are we in for a new catchy pop-punk record? Either way, I’m just happy to have new music from one of the best bands in Pop Punk.

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