Antonio Brown to Fight Logan Paul in Boxing Match

This is the funniest headline you may see for a long time…

As you may know, Antonio Brown has pretty much fallen off of the deep end since his separation from the NFL. He recently put out a rap song titled “Whole Lotta Money” which spoiler alert, was unbearable. Since basically being excommunicated from the NFL, he has been making desperate attempts at attention. His most recent one is responding to another annoying dipshit who also begs for attention, Logan Paul.

Logan Paul was asked on a recent radio show who he would like to fight next since his fight with KSI. He said “Antonio Brown, I wanna fuck you up”. This radio clip went viral, paired with a tweet against Brown led to AB responding on Twitter.

Logan Paul is favored in this matchup due to his legitimate boxing training. Although I think they are both physically fit and dumb enough to actually have a competitive toe to toe match up. Brown will train and probably hold his own, but I am more stoked for the hilarity of these two shit stains on the underwear of society embarrassing themselves even further.

A date hasn’t been set yet, but the match IS happening. And man oh man, I can’t wait.

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