Where should Gardner Minshew visit on his offseason road trip?

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, what I would pay to be a part of this road trip across the country.

Just last night Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew announced that he was taking a road trip across the country in his brand new Recreational Vehicle or RV.

I mean this guy truly is a national treasure. The jorts, the mustache, the flowing locks of love, the stylish sleeveless button up. He’s also one hell of a quarterback.

But the offseason is a time to unwind and that’s clearly what Minshew Mania wants to do, so where should he stop? Here a few places that come to mind for me.


Okay hear me out here, you’re probably like why would this dude come to a city where the weather is horrible, it’s cold and there’s not a beach in sight. Well just like week Josh Elsass wrote a blog about Minshew and I think he should come check out his new home.

That’s all I got actually, Pittsburgh is the only place he should come because once he gets here he won’t want to leave.


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