Nashville Predators New Coach

So in a move, which we all knew was coming, the Nashville Predators fired Peter Laviolette. Then replaced him with a move no one saw coming, by hiring John Hynes.

Can someone explain to me what in the hell John Hynes has done to deserve the reigns of a cup contender?

You don’t have to look very long to tell the Preds are struggling. They have a terrible Power Play and even worse goaltending. How John Hynes fixes that is beyond me.

As the acting Bench Boss in New Jersey, we saw the demise of Cory Schneider who literally did not win a game for a calendar year! So I don’t see that helping Pekka Rinne. And their Power Play under Hynes was in the bottom fourth of the league.

So someone please explain to me what Nashville sees in this guy? I guess it is good that he isn’t a retread. He’s someone who is younger, maybe he can get more from his young stars?

But when Pete Deboer is available I think a retread is ok! Hell, Ken Hitchcock ain’t doing anything! That guy is all about defense and goaltending. 

I don’t know, maybe it works out, or more likely it doesn’t and the Preds lose another year of their closing window.

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