Dre Predictions: 2019-2020 NFL Season

AFC East

Patriots: 12-4*

Jets: 8-8

Bills: 6-10

Dolphins: 2-14

AFC North

Steelers: 10-6*

Ravens: 9-7

Browns: 7-9

Bengals: 4-12

AFC South

Texans: 11-5*

Jaguars: 10-6*

Titans: 7-9

Colts: 5-11

AFC West

Chiefs: 13-3*

Chargers: 11-5*

Raiders: 6-10

Broncos: 4-12

NFC East

Eagles: 13-3*

Cowboys: 8-8

Redskins: 6-10

Giants: 4-12

NFC North

Bears: 10-6*

Packers: 10-6*

Vikings: 8-8

Lions: 4-12

NFC South

Saints: 9-7*

Falcons: 8-8

Panthers: 7-9

Buccaneers: 5-11

NFC West

Seahawks: 12-4*

Rams: 11-5*

49ers: 7-9

Cardinals: 3-13

AFC Wild Card

Jaguars over Texans

Steelers over Chargers

NFC Wild Card

Rams over Saints

Packers over Bears

AFC Divisional Round

Chiefs over Jaguars

Steelers over Patriots 

NFC Divisional Round

Packers over Eagles

Rams over Seahawks

Championship Round

Steelers over Chiefs

Packers over Rams

Super Bowl

Steelers over Packers 

Ok. I know this seems like a homer pick but quite frankly, I don’t care because I believe in this team. I believe this is Ben’s last hurrah in terms of his window is closing so it’s now or never. There are no distractions so the media storm surrounding this team is non-existent.

Another big factor is this team is flying under the radar in the division due to the hype of the Browns plus the expectations of the Ravens and that apparent offense that has not been seen yet in the NFL.

The defense is young, athletic, and ascending. TJ Watt is really good but the rest of the NFL is going to recognize him. Terrell Edmunds got plenty of experience his rookie year so he’s going to take the next step. They loaded up on defense by adding Steven Nelson and Mark Barron.

The key though to this defense is Devin Bush. The expectations are high but his athleticism from the ILB position is off the charts. There will be growing pains will happen but he will make up for it with that athleticism. It’ll be a question if they can create turnovers but that should be easy because they will not stop getting to the QB. 

This offense will be much more balanced due to no force feeding AB. I expect Ben to do his thing but more efficiently which can only lead to success. The run game will be strong with Connor and Samuels.

The key to this offense will be the health of Vance McDonald. If he can play 16 games, I expect him to have a huge impact. Let’s also not forget that I do not expect Chris Boswell to miss kicks that would have actually swung 3 losses and a tie. 


MVP: Carson Wentz

OPOY: Alvin Kamara

DPOY: Bobby Wagner

OROY: David Montgomery 

DROY: Ed Oliver

Comeback POY: Earl Thomas

Coach of the Year: Matt LeFleur

Bold Predictions:

The popular Super Bowl pick in the Cleveland Browns will not make playoffs. This is bold considering they’re the favorite to win the division and 8th best odds to win the Super Bowl. This team is talented but they’ve made too much noise. The noise is obvious due to the moves they’ve made and the talent, but the target on their back may be bigger than the Patriots. They haven’t won anything in a long time so I get it…but it’s the damn Browns. 

The rushing champ will be Alvin Kamara and he will eclipse 2000 all purpose yards. People forget how good he was in the first 4 weeks without Mark Ingram. I don’t expect Latavius Murray to be half as productive as Mark Ingram because he’s not as good. He is an NFL player no doubt, but he isn’t capable of 1,000 rushing yards or anything close. 

Jason Garrett will be fired before seasons end and Dak Prescott will not get his money. The latter is less likely but with a new coach coming in, it’s difficult to assume the new coach won’t get HIS guy. Plus, Zeke just got paid and they still have to pay Byron Jones. Lincoln Riley is the popular name to fill this void. If that happens, Jalen Hurts perhaps? Maybe Jake Fromm or Justin Herbert? It’s going to be another whirlwind in Dallas and that’s not a bold statement at all. 

The Buccaneers will be the best 5-11 team we ever see. Bruce Arians is going to solve this offense. There’s tons of hype for Chris Godwin and OJ Howard to take big leaps forward. Jameis Winston will have fun slinging it to these guys. I think he gets locked up and becomes the franchise QB they envisioned. I also expect Ronald Jones to get close to 1000 yards. Their problem is obviously the defense. They have too many holes that need filled on that side of the ball and have had a history of kicking issues. I expect that side of the ball to let them down a lot.

Tua Tagovailoa will not be the first overall pick in the 2020 draft. This is because I believe in Josh Rosen. Most people don’t but I’m a Rosen guy. He’s had such a bad start to his NFL career that it’s impossible to not give him a fair look. I think he’s an obvious upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick and he will replace Fitzmagic before week 6. Surround him with the appropriate talent and protection, and the Dolphins’ fans will be glad they passed on Tua. 

Finally, because I absolutely love to be bold……Andrew Luck will suit up for the 2020 NFL season. His retirement was a stunner sending shockwaves throughout the NFL. It’s clear he’s mentally drained due to the constant injury paired with the constant pressure of being available for this organization. Him retiring allows him to mentally refocus and gives him time to actually heal up. I refuse to believe that a 29 year old QB will not suit up anymore. He’s just too good of a guy to be a distraction due to his health for a team trying to focus on the upcoming season. HE WILL BE BACK! 

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