Screw Iggy for Screwing the Grizzlies

NBA trade deadline season is here and I cannot lie, it’s one of the low key best times in sports. It’s cool because you get the battle of Woj vs. Shams on who is going to break the news first. Their war is legendary this time of year! Also let this be a reminder to turn on your Twitter notifications for both of them to stay up-to-date.

Late last night, things sparked off where the Rockets were apart of a 4-team trade sending Clint Capela to the Atlanta Hawks. They were able to return Robert Covington from Minnesota, but they now don’t have any skilled bigs on the roster. Time will tell with this deal as well as others coming within the next couple days, but that’s not the focus of this article. 

The Memphis Grizzlies are being shafted right now and no one is really talking about how soft of a move this is. Andre Iguodala has been sitting out the entire year until he is traded/bought out to join a contender. He was dealt from the Golden State Warriors after last season so they could sign D’Angelo Russell, and hasn’t played for the Grizzlies since the trade. He is demanding they trade him or he will sit out the entire year. By doing so, he’s going to forfeit millions. Let us also mention that the Grizzlies are not trash. They are in fact, a surprise 8 seed in the West led by rookie of the year Ja Morant. 

I look at this and think who in the hell does Iggy think he is? He isn’t the talent level player to be doing this and I never expected him to be a player to actually sit out games. Not only this, he’s contractually obligated to play ball and he’s flat out refusing because the Grizzlies aren’t “contenders” in the West.

This isn’t Kawhi or AD….it’s Andre Iguodala who now is at best a key piece off of the bench on a good team. If he was playing, I’d think the Grizzlies would be in a better position to make the playoffs. It clearly isn’t having an affect on teammates who definitely want him out, and are clearly thriving off of this stance Iggy has taken. 

Then Steph Curry chimed in throwing jabs only for Ja Morant to respond with a haymaker.

Part of me doesn’t want to see him get traded for hindering the Grizzlies like this. The other knows he can help a team like the Heat become legit contenders so I’m conflicted. Wherever he goes, I’m tuning in to see Ja Morant and company bust his ass. 

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