Earlier this week the ultimate wins leader in Michigan State football history, Mark Dantonio retired.

Almost immediately the rumors about Pat Narduzzi returning to Michigan State, where he was a Defensive Coordinator under Dantonio started swirling. It was like he was destined to return and all of this was taking place THE DAY BEFORE NATIONAL SIGNING DAY.

So, yesterday, as part of National Signing Day, Narduzzi had a press conference and it seemed like he didn’t get many questions about signing day. But he shut down those rumors during the press conference, and what came afterwards, well it was glorious.

Honestly, this made me like Narduzzi 10x more than I already did. It’s glorious. It’s amazing. It’s Wolf of Wall Street. I mean that’s the way to do it. If there was any doubt left that Narduzzi was leaving well they are gone.


Okay, you got me hyped up Pat. Now go out, win some games and take us to a solid Bowl Game. LET’S GOOOOOO

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