Re-Drafting the NFL 2019 Draft Class

The Rank King is back baby!! This is it people. Before we start diving into mock drafts for the upcoming NFL season, you know we gotta re-draft this last year’s draft class. Let’s not waste any time and dive on in.

1.) Arizona Cardinals

Original Pick: Kyler Murray

New Pick: Kyler Murray

Nothing wrong with this pick ladies and gentlemen. Kyler Murray was fabulous as the Cardinals quarterback. He completed his rookie year with 3,722 passing yards, 20 TD’s and 12 picks. Not to mention the guy ran for over 500 yards and scored four rushing TD’s. He succeeded where many thought he would fail and he should continue to bring the Cardinals good fortune.

2.) San Francisco 49ers

Original Pick: Nick Bosa

New Pick: Nick Bosa

They went from taking the second draft pick to going to the Super Bowl. You want any more evidence because Bosa was a huge help with the rest of that defense. He finished the regular season with 47 tackles with 32 of them being his own, one INT, one fumble force and nine total sacks. This kid was a monster and should be a big help the 49ers win the Super Bowl.

3.) New York Jets

Original Pick: Quinnen Williams

New Pick: Quinnen Williams

Now I get it. Maybe you should go for a nice offensive tackle instead of Williams. However, I know this kid has potential. I want to see him play a full season without limitations or injury. That way I can truly tell that he deserves the number three spot.

4.) Oakland Raiders

Original Pick: Clellin Ferrell

New Pick: Devin White

Ferrell was big reach in my eyes, so going with probably the best linebacker in the draft class is the best option so Devin White takes this spot. Most would argue between him or Bush in this scenario, but I like White better just for where he is going. I can’t see Bush going to Oakland.

5.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Original Pick: Devin White

New Pick: Dwayne Haskins

The Bucs were in a tough spot this year. Jameis Winston threw for 5,000 yards, had 33 TD’s and 30 INT’s. Somewhere in the future, Arians and the Bucs need to find a new quarterback. In my mind, they should have drafted Dwayne Haskins instead of Devin White. Their defense was good enough without him last year and having a new quarterback in rotation would be helpful later on.

6.) New York Giants

Original Pick: Daniel Jones

New Pick: Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones as weird as it might seem was the right choice to be the Giants quarterback. the kid played well when he was doubted for being drafted at the number six spot. Overall, Jones had a very successful rookie season despite being limited in the weapons department.

7.) Jacksonville Jaguars

Original Pick: Josh Allen

New Pick: Josh Allen

While some might figure to add another offensive weapon to help Foles and Minshew out, but I am going to stick with Josh Allen on this one. The kid is good despite Jacksonville’s crap show of a defense. He had two fumble forces, ten and a half sacks, and 44 total tackles. Give this kid the 7th spot all day.

8.) Detroit Lions

Original Pick: T.J. Hockenson

New Pick: Brian Burns

While adding T.J. Hockenson might have been a good idea for the run game it only worked when Kerryon Johnson was healthy. Plus, Hockenson only had one productive game all season and it was week one. They needed something better and in my mind Brian Burns is a better option for a speed rusher instead of a tight end.

9.) Buffalo Bills

Original Pick: Ed Oliver

New Pick: Ed Oliver

Ed Oliver was a huge pickup for the Bills. It would be a critical shame if the Bills did not draft him again. He has been a huge help to this incredible defensive unit. They can afford to have him on the defense with the amount of offensive weapons they have.

10.) Denver Broncos

Original Pick: Noah Fant

New Pick: Devin Bush

So in this revision of the draft, we have to assume that the Steelers don’t move up and take Bush which leaves him open to be taken by the Denver Broncos. If the season went exactly as planned, Chubb will get hurt which will lead the way for Bush to great work for the Broncos

11.) Cincinnati Bengals

Original Pick: Jonah Williams

New Pick: Dalton Risner

The Bengals season ended about as badly as you can imagine with a 2-14 record. While the defense was garbage inside and out, the only position that needed the most help was the linebacker spot and both the top dogs were taken in White and Bush. Dalton Risner would be my next best guess in increasing the offensive line and a great fit for Cincinnati.

12.) Green Bay Packers

Original Pick: Rashan Gary

New Pick: D.K. Metcalf

Metcalf broke into the NFL when he was drafted as the last pick of the second round by Seattle. Judging on how his skills were this year, he would have been a huge option for Green Bay to pick up to give Aaron Rodgers a better chance. when you are throwing to your receiver Adams and running back Jones every game. You need another weapon. Hello to one of the best out of this class.

13.) Miami Dolphins

Original Pick: Christian Wilkins

New Pick: Jonah Williams

Williams had a rough year this season as the Alabama product was out for the entire 2019 season. Say this didn’t happen though. Say Williams didn’t get injured. Well then we don’t really know what his ability level is. So why not take a chance and give him to a terrible team in Miami to help make their offensive line better.

14.) Atlanta Falcons

Original Pick: Chris Lindstrom

New Pick: Cody Ford

Chris Lindstrom ended up getting hurt at the end of the season so overall his year wasn’t the greatest with the Atlanta offensive line letting up sack after sack to Matt ryan. Enter Cody Ford who did a fantastic job in Buffalo and could have been used as a safeguard for Ryan and the Falcons.

15.) Washington Redskins

Original Pick: Dwayne Haskins

New Pick: T.J. Hockenson

The Redskins lacked one major position all year and it was the tight end position. With names like Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis getting injured, the Redskins needed a tight end that can double as a wide receiver. While some might suggest Noah Fant, I’d put Hockenson above him in this case due to where he was going.

16.) Carolina Panthers

Original Pick: Brian Burns

New Pick: Andre Dillard

Forget the defense for this team, this offensive line needs help. Enter Andre Dillard who did a really great job in Philadelphia when they drafted him. If the Panthers wanted to win they probably shouldn’t have let Kyle Allen and Will Grier get sacked all season long.

17.) New York Giants

Original Pick: Dexter Lawrence

New Pick: Jeffery Simmons

Simmons was a monster talent to witness even with the injury happening. To be frank, he was listed as a top five talent before the injury occurred. Let us say the injury still happens, but we know what he is going to be after he gets healthy. Sign him up for the Giants who are in desperate need of defensive help.

18.) Minnesota Vikings

Original Pick: Garrett Bradbury

New Pick: Erik McCoy

While Bradbury was a decent way to look, I’d prefer if the Vikings drafted the main boy Erik McCoy. This center has shown more promise with the Saints than Garrett did with the Vikings in my opinion which makes him a better choice than Bradbury.

19.) Tennessee Titans

Original Pick: Jeffery Simmons

New Pick: Dexter Lawrence

With Jeffery Simmons being taken off the board, we have to assume Tennessee would go with the same position in need. Enter Dexter Lawrence who had some shining moments with the New York Giants this past season. I could see him doing wonderful things with the Titans.

20.) Pittsburgh Steelers

Original Pick: Devin Bush

New Pick: Josh Jacobs

Now hear me out before you all lose your minds. With our defense having the season it did, I can only assume we would work on the offense. The only position that I could think of that needed serious help was the running game. Conner was always hurt and we had backs on and off the field for a while this past season. Why not draft the true future of the running back position in Josh Jacobs to help our team out with a much needed running game.

21.) Seattle Seahawks

Original Pick: Darnell Savage

New Pick: A.J. Brown

With D.K. Metcalf already off the board, the Seahawks are in need of a player to replace him. Well about A.J. Brown? Brown exploded on the scene in Tennessee late in the season becoming Ryan Tannehill’s favorite target. It also helped to sit Mariota who was more runner than passer. Brown’s size and speed is also close to his former teammate Metcalf. This would be a very good draft pick for them.

22.) Baltimore Ravens

Original Pick: Marquise Brown

New Pick: Marquise Brown

Baltimore needed a speedster and I would advise them to draft the same player they did; Marquise Brown. Regardless of the injuries Brown was a fantastic need for Baltimore that needed a number one wide receiver to take away the attention from the tight ends. Excellent pick from them.

23.) Houston Texans

Original Pick: Tytus Howard

New Pick: Rashan Gary

With getting a nice offensive tackle in Laremy Tunsil and a good wideout in Kenny Stills, the defense needed some work. So why not draft Rashan Gary who did decently well for the Packers this past season. He had some moments, but at this point, they need something with JJ Watt eventually experiencing an injury. Give him a shot in my mind.

24.) Oakland Raiders

Original Pick: Josh Jacobs

New Pick: Terry McLaurin

With a lot of drama happening in Oakland last year with the wide receiver position concerning Antonio Brown and the injuries suffered by Tyrell Williams, why not bring on one of the best rookie wideouts to come out last year; Terry McLaurin as their second first round pick. The kid exploded on the scene in Washington and he would thrive with Derek Carr throwing him the ball.

25.) Philadelphia Eagles

Original Pick: Andre Dillard

New Pick: Deebo Samuel

With so many injuries happening at the wide receiver position last season for Philly, it would be wise for them to pick up Deebo Samuel with their first round pick. Samuel showed us this past season that not only could he catch well, he could run too. With Coach Doug making the calls, he is bound to find some creativity with him.

26.) Indianapolis Colts

Original Pick: None

New Pick: Byron Murphy

The Colts had a lot of things going for them, but to me they needed a bit of help on the defensive side. Take Byron Murphy who did really great things in his rookie season with Arizona. He should do wonders in Indianapolis’s defensive system.

27.) Oakland Raiders

Original Pick: Johnathan Abram

New Pick: Johnathan Abram

Despite being injured early in the season, Abram was a huge aggressive safety that Oakland desperately needed. The only thing I can hope for is that if the season were to start over, he would avoid injury because he is really good at his position and we need to see more of him for the Oakland Raiders.

28.) Los Angeles Chargers

Original Pick: Jerry Tillery

New Pick: Drew Lock

Now I know that they would be giving up a huge player in Jerry Tillery for this, but honestly I have wanted this to become a thing and it didn’t happen so I was a little salty. So I’m putting it in now. Philip Rivers was a huge disappointment in possibly his last season with the Chargers. Tyrod Taylor while good isn’t the right move. Drafting Drew Lock is who did great things for Denver once coming off a thumb injury.

29.) Seattle Seahawks

Original Pick: LJ Collier

New Pick: Jerry Tillery

Tillery will now find a home in Seattle under Pete Caroll. While it may take him a little bit to find his place and get to where he needs to be, I have no doubt he would find a lot of success rebuilding the so called Legion of Boom back in Seattle. Because let’s be honest that defense struggled this past season.

30.) Green Bay Packers

Original Pick: None

New Pick: Darnell Savage

Green Bay would be stupid to let Darnell Savage pass them by. He was originally drafted with trading picks to Seattle so getting him at the number 30 spot is a real steal for them. While this might not happen, it is really something for them to grab an offensive weapon and a huge defensive threat in the same draft.

31.) Los Angeles Rams

Original Pick: None

New Pick: Chris Lindstrom

If there is one thing Los Angeles needed to improve this year then it was most definitely the offensive line. Chris Lindstrom would most certainly add a huge helping hand to a struggling offensive line that made Jared Goff look extremely vulnerable this past season. Consider him drafted.

32.) New England Patriots

Original Pick: N’Keal Harry

New Pick: Noah Fant

Well here we go. The New England Patriots select the tight end prodigy they have been looking for. They have been looking for a replacement for Gronk ever since he retired. Ben Watson was not the answer. Fant is. Having him on their team would be a huge benefit to Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots organization.

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