2020 Royal Rumble Match Predictions

It is finally time boys and girls. Today, I will be going through each match of the 2020 Royal Rumble Card and I will be giving you my honest predictions as to who will win. However… I am presenting a challenge to anyone who can best my predictions. Below my explanations of each match, I have put a poll as to who you think will win. Vote and let’s see if you can beat The Rank King. Nothing much else to say other than this;

Shorty G vs Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus

Probably the weakest match on the card is unfortunately Sheamus’s first PPV since returning to SmackDown. I am going with Sheamus in this one. They always like to have the “little guy” no pun intended get a surprise victory over the heel. However, if they want to build Sheamus back up in the company he needs to go on a winning streak starting with Shorty G.

Andrade vs Humberto Carrillo

United States Championship

Winner: Andrade

Simply put, this match was thrown together last minute on RAW. Andrade has done very well as United States Champion and while Humberto is a great wrestler it just doesn’t seem like it is his time…yet. Zelina Vega will interfere and cause a distraction to have Andrade pick up the win.

Bayley vs Lacey Evans

SmackDown Women’s Championship

Winner: Bayley

Again as good as Lacey Evans is, my gut feeling is to go with the safe option of Bayley retaining her championship. Something in my bones is just telling me with the rumors flocking around of it being Bayley vs Banks at Wrestlemania might actually be true. Here’s hoping it is because that will be a great match I have wanted to see since NXT.

Roman Reigns vs King Corbin

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Winner: King Corbin

This hasssssss to ennnnnnnndddddd. However, it won’t. WWE loves to drag on story lines that just make you sick to your stomach. The logical response would be Roman wins and that is it. However, it is never that simple in WWE so here’s the scenario. King Corbin wins with help only for him to be eliminated by Roman Reigns later on in the Rumble Match.

Becky Lynch vs Asuka

RAW Women’s Championship

Winner: Becky Lynch

In my mind, Asuka has never been set up to lose a match like this. “The Man” Becky Lynch will beat Asuka and walk into Wrestlemania still the RAW Women’s Championship. Will shenanigans be involved on the part of Asuka’s partner Kari Sane? Will the mist be used? Most likely, but Becky Lynch will retain her championship.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan

Universal Championship

Strap Match

Winner: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

This is an odd one because we haven’t seen a strap match in the WWE in quite some time. Normally, the bigger competitor gets fooled by the smaller competitor, but they can’t really do that to “The Fiend” like this with Wrestlemania so close can they? My gut says Daniel Bryan might shock us, but my brain is telling me WWE has big plans for Wyatt at Wrestlemania.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Winner: Shayna Baszler

I have had this in my head since Survivor Series when Shayna won against both Becky Lynch and Bayley. Wherever spot she lands up at (which in my mind will be the number 30 slot) she will march down to the ring and kick the living crap out of every woman in the ring and throw them over the top rope. Then she will go onto Wrestlemania to challenge Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship. Count on it.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Winner: Roman Reigns

I really hate when people win more than one rumble because it kind of takes that experience away from someone who hasn’t done it yet. However, my mind is going with Roman Reigns. He will enter and first eliminate Corbin. Then he will eliminate the “Scottish Psychopath” Drew McIntyre. Finally, he will solidify his victory by eliminating Brock Lesnar and win the Royal Rumble Match and go onto Wrestlemania to face “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt which should actually be really entertaining.

Those are my 2020 Royal Rumble Predictions. The fun doesn’t have to end there though. Remember to cast your votes to see who can best me in this little challenge of mine. Best of luck and remember one thing everyone…

Gritty Isn’t Winning the Royal Rumble Match!!!!

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