In a pathetic and disgusting attempt to jump on the FAKE NEWS media bandwagon trying to upset Browns superstar Odell Beckham Jr, Deke has written an article saying the, “Five Teams that should trade for OBJ”.

OBJ is not going anywhere, PER OBJ:

In case you didn’t hear that properly DEKE, OBJ said, “but there is nowhere else I’d rather be (referring to Cleveland.)”

So yeah, go ahead and continue to write about how OBJ wants out of Cleveland. He isn’t going anywhere.

Its almost as bad as the coordinated effort by ESPN to unsettle him to get him out of Cleveland.

It has been a rough season, sure. But there will be better days. Baker will continue to get better, and Freddie will get the offense turned around in due time.

I expect fifteen plus targets to OBJ on Sunday, Freddie!