Why would you make this a headline, dello Sport?

Italy, a country still obviously dealing with a racism problem in football, had a media outlet put out one of the stupidest headlines I have ever seen:

Both Lukaku and Smalling, both former Manchester United teammates, face off against each other Friday in Italy in a huge clash in Serie A, with Lukaku’s Inter chasing a league title for the first time in nine years and Smalling’s Roma chasing a spot in the top four and the Champions League.

And needless to say, putting Smalling and Lukaku on the front page of the sports section and titling it, “Black Friday”, struck a nerve with some:

And kudos to the teams across Italy for calling out this disgusting racism:

Racism has been prevalent in Italian football for years, and there seems to be no end in sight with idiots like dello Sport writing headlines like that. Hopefully the teams cutting them from the media rooms, is a start.

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