What Is Nick Foles?

How anyone thought this guy was going to be an NFL starter this time around is just beyond me. I like BDN, and I think he has brought more joy to the city of Philly than any other athlete there ever, but seriously…did we every really think this guy was an NFL starter?

Nick Foles was just benched for the remainder of the season for rookie Gardner Minshew who took the team to respectable lengths when Foles was recovering from a collarbone injury. That is, if we’re talking math, about $88 million (50 of which is guarenteed) down the drain for DUVAAAAAAAAAAAAL.

If you listen to Two Beers Deep, you’ll know Greg and I don’t tradtionally agree on many things. We agree that I’m the biggest baseball guy on TFTB. We agree that inviting Andre Frye to anything and expecting him to be on time is an absolute liability. We also agree that the path to a Super Bowl is Solid O Line + Hot Defense + Small / Rookie Quarterback Contract.

Look at the “Hot” teams recently in the NFL. Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears last year, L.A. Rams last year, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles last two years, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills. All had success with that formula.

Obviously there are going to be exceptions to that rule when you have guys like Aaron Rodgers and Kyle Shanahan running around out there, but for the most part that logic stands true.

Big D*** Nick won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia off the back of one of the best O-Lines we’ve ever seen, a defense that was SUPER hot and one of the best young Qb seasons we’ve seen in a while from Wentz. Nick Foles orchestrated one of the GREATEST PLAYS IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY!

Foles earned every single second of fame he received as well as the contract from Jacksonville but like….did we actually believe he was going to be a starter?

Nick Foles has been an NFL starter before. His first stint in Philly was a record setting one where he threw 7 touchdowns in ONE GAME. It was ELECTRIC and I really did think we had something with that Chip Kelly offense for a hot second in 2014.

Foles was then traded for Sam Bradford in 2015, sending BND to the Rams where he well proved to be the same guy, beating the Seattle Seahawks in his first game as a Ram. Once the Rams drafted Jared Goff though, Foles demanded a trade iout of St. Louis (remember when it was St. Louis? feels weird right?) He then went dahn to Kansas City after contemplating retirment from his time in St. Louis and he filled in for Alex Smith when he got smashed and got another concussion. Foles was ok, but again contemplated retirement.

Look. I’m going into this much detail to say that I LIKE BDN. I really do, but we all can agree that he just plays well in Philadelphia right? I think it’s a credit to Dougie Fresh and his play calling, but then I have nothing to say about this shit show of a season in Philly. Honestly, would Philadelphia even bat an eye of Jacksonville just said “take him back” with his current contract? Probably not with all the hate towards Wentz lately through the teams struggle.

I really, really hope this isn’t the end to BDN’s story. I would love for this guy to do something great with the remaining time left in his pro career. But for the time being, it’s Mustache Time in DUVAAAAAAAAAAAAAL

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