Congrats, Michigan!

Congrats, Michigan!

You got rocked by THE Ohio State University this past Saturday in the Big House by only twenty-nine points!

You also managed to shut down the most dominant player in college football, the mighty Chase Young!

Even though you got embarrassed in your own stadium by the best team in college football, there was plenty of positives to take away from the game!

You were only down 28-16 at the half! After a great offensive display from TTUN in the first half, you only managed to find yourself down 12 at the half to the far superior Buckeyes, which if I am being frank, kept you in the game after halftime. Get into the locker room within striking distance, make some adjustments, and get out there for the second half and take it to the Buckeyes.

But in typical Harbaugh fashion, the Wolverines got killed by the same thing that had them down 12 at the half to begin with.

There was life though! Heisman front runner Justin Fields went down with a knee injury which looked pretty serious at the time. Michigan, suddenly, had life.

With the score 35-16, Justin Fields came back into the game after a prolonged period in the medical tent. Came back, and first play, did this:

Shortly after, the fans of TTUN started heading for the exits.

Don’t look at it in a negative way, Wolverine fans! There was now PLENTY of leg room in the stadium after Fields threw that bomb!

But in all seriousness, it was a beautiful sight to see my Buckeyes cap off a perfect season with a massive victory against TTUN. Playing TTUN is not simply a game, its not. It is a way of life, you are either red, or blue, there is no inbetween.

Walking to the stadium before the game, I told my Dad that all I wanted to hear was the, “O-H-I-O” chant ring around the Big House in a blowout in the fourth quarter. And well, I got my wish:

To see the Big House turn into an Ohio State home game midway through the third quarter, was truly a sight to behold. At the end of the game, the stadium was almost void of all Wolverine fans. Seeing the red wave descend on the Big House was something I will never forget.

Making the travel up to see my beloved Buckeyes win the “national championship” was worth every penny. Going crazy after every Buckeye score in the Big House right infront of the stupid faces of the fans of TTUN is something I will never, ever forget.

But above all, singing Carmen Ohio at the end of the game with total strangers, arm in arm, is what I will remember above all.

This team is special, it may be the best Ohio State team ever. We have a tough game against Wisconsin next week in Indianapolis, and after that, hopefully two meaningful games and a chance to win a National title.

I really hope to be down in New Orleans cheering on the Buckeyes in January.


P.S. To whomever does the hiring and firing up at TTUN, please give Harbaugh a lifetime contract. He is doing an excellent job. COACH HARBAUGH FOREVER!

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