Who’s Winning Super Bowl LIV?

This Sunday we have the final contest of the NFL’s 2019 season; Super Bowl LIV. It will be between the Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs and Kyle Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers. Everyone is rooting for somebody and the question still remains as to which team will come out on top? Well, today I am going through the strengths of each team to help you out to pick a winner. Let’s get started!

Keys To A Chiefs Victory

Patrick Mahomes

When it comes to the particular talent at the quarterback position, Mahomes triumphs over Jimmy Garoppolo. The kid has thrown 76 touchdown passes against just 18 interceptions. Expect Mahomes to come out slinging the ball down just as he normally would despite this incredible San Francisco defense.

The Amount of Weapons

We know Mahomes is a huge stud, but what about this offensive diversity on this team. Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman, and Damien Williams. Mahomes has a huge line of offense to help him score the points he needs in this spectacular Super Bowl.


Andy Reid has waited for this moment since his last entry to the Super Bowl against the Patriots when he was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid’s time management is still a little bit of a worry in this contest, but there hasn’t been a single game this season where I believe he was out coached.

Keys To A 49ers Victory

That Destructive Defense

The 49ers defense has been a impenetrable fortress for most of the 2019 season. Led by incredible athletes such as Nick Bosa, Richard Sherman, DeForest Buckner and many others this unit has been unstoppable excelling in many different areas of defense that have led them to this moment. Patrick Mahomes will be the ultimate test for them in this Super Bowl there’s no doubt.

Raheem Mostert and the Run Game

Mostert has come out of hiding this season. The kid was the pin point attack system used to take down the Green Bay Packers to get them to this Super Bowl appearance. While I don’t think he’ll be used as much as he was in that game this kid will still be a huge piece that the 49ers need to use; the run game. Run the ball down the Chiefs throats and wait for Jimmy G to make a play through the air.


Just like Andy Reid, Shanahan gets an opportunity to right a wrong when he was an offensive coordinator for the Falcons and lost the game to the Patriots. Now as a head coach in San Francisco, Kyle Shanahan has proven to me with his ability that he deserves coach of the year. It will truly be a spectacular sight to watch these two coaches battle each other under the grandest stage of them all.

So Who’s Winning Already??

So when it comes to selecting a winner, both teams have shown to me that they can win the big one. However, I am going with the San Francisco 49ers to come away with a victory with a score of 28-24 over the Chiefs. Who knows though? This could turn out to be a defensive game like last year. I wouldn’t want to see that, but who do you think will win Super Bowl LIV?

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