Rivalry Week

If you enjoy college football, few weeks mean as much as rivalry week. All over the country we have teams playing each other that just flat out hate each other. Some games have playoff implications, while others are for absolute shit talking pride for a full year.

Some games have already happened for the week, and one in particular ended in tragedy due to the week. Although some of the ranked rivalries happened yesterday, today is the day for big names to become bigger.

Easily the most controversial game from yesterdays slate was between an unranked slug match between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. The Bulldogs walked away with a 21-20 victory that comes off of the heels of one of the stupidest celebrations in NCAA history.

With 9 seconds left, Ole Miss is down a touchdown within five yards of scoring to tie the game. QB Matt Corral takes the snap, looks towards the front of the end zone and hits Elijah Moore for the short score. Boom. Touchdown. It’s withi an extra point of tying up this rivalry and…stupidity ensues.

Look, they are the Bulldogs, and they ARE your rivals….but get out of here kid. That’s literally pissing in the path of the ref. You are legit pretending to pee on not only Miss State, but your chances of ever being taken serious. Welp, this idiotict move got their team’s extra point moved back due to the flag, and well…

PHEW KID. SHOOO. WOMP WOMP WOMP. Like sheeeesh. I’m honestly not sure who should feel worse, the kicker for missing the kick or Moore for pushing them back.

Today though, will be magical. At noon, we get to decide between the INSANE rivalry of #3 Clemson vrs. South Carolina, (which like….we’re all praying some how that South Carolina wins for chaos reasons, right) #4 George vrs. Georgia Tech and arguably the game of the day, #2 Ohio State vrs. #10 Michigan. If you aren’t watching the Ohio v TTUN Game, I’d hope it’s because you went to one of the other schools.

After that the day only gets better. #13 Wisconsin takes on #9 Minnesota in a game that has some serious bowl game implications. Imagine Georgia, Ohio State and Clemson all losing early on and Minnesota somehow, someway finding themselves near the top four. ROW THAT BOAT.

After that we get to see Penn State destroy Rutgers, Oregon run through Oregon State and of course, the everlasting Iron Bowl. It almost doesn’t matter that Alabama is ranked 5th and Auburn is ranked 16th. The Iron Bowl is the best football rivalry just for the name value alone.

Also, just to shit talk Dre, I can’t wait to watch Florida dismantle Florida State tonight.

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