Duke Should Be Embarrassed

Last night, Duke embaressed the entire college basketball entity by getting their 150 win streak against non-conference opponents at home snapped. In literally the last possible second of the entire game. Against freaking Stephen F Austin, a school that has nothing to do with Stephen A Smith but STILL sounds hysterically close.

I’ve said it in the past and I will always say it until I get a college team, I went to a small city college. I have no formal allegiance with any college sports programs, but I’ve always liked watching Duke play simply because they get the best kids. If anything should make you just understand the power that is Duke, it’s beating a bunch of seniors at Wisconsin and making Frank Kaminsky look like a big bafoon.

But MY LORD COACH K. You let this (apologies) no name schmuck run down the court and score with 4 seconds left? Whoever 41 is, you’d be done. Just absolutely cut from the program right there. I will admit…it’s kind of funny his name is White.

“But Deke, number 41 is a great player who…”blah man, how on God’s green (round, not flat) earth do you not grab the shit out of that kid there? Clear ball foul or not, the second that kid got that pass im snagging him.

Whatever. It’s November, the loss will be a blemish on Duke’s top 3 seed March run and we’ll probably all forget about how absolutely pathetic this loss was.

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