Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 13


Cincinnati Bengals (0-11)

Previous Rank: 32


Why They Stayed The Same:

The Bengals continue to remain winless despite putting in a half decent effort against Pittsburgh. Finley found Tyler Boyd for a couple of decent throws including a touchdown, but in the end, the offensive line killed any hopes of the Bengals first win this season. It looks like head coach Zach Taylor is tired of losing as he named veteran Andy Dalton the starting quarterback again in their upcoming matchup against the Jets.

Key Players Last Week:

Tyler Boyd (101 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The New York Jets

The fact that Taylor is giving the battle plans back to Andy Dalton means he wants to actually win this game. After the Jets put up a fantastic performance against the Raiders, the Bengals will have to come out swinging hard and hope their defense can stop the likes of Darnold through the air and Bell on the ground.


New York Giants (2-9)

Previous Rank: 30


Why They Dropped:

Losing to a struggling Bears team never helps your cause for success especially when your defense intercepts Trubisky twice and the Bears still come up with a win. Barkley did very little yet again as the teams the Giants face realize that he is the main threat and to box him in every time. Daniel Jones didn’t have his best game here, but played decent here nonetheless. It just wasn’t enough as a mix of offensive and defensive struggles take them down a spot in the rankings.

Key Players Last Week:


What’s Next?:

The Green Bay Packers

The Packers are coming off a crap filled performance, but it was against the 49ers. The Giants don’t have the greatest offense at the moment. Jones will have to use his legs and move while throwing efficiently to expose this Packers secondary. Barkley at this point should be used as a receiver rather than a runner and that is sad to say considering his incredible rookie year he had last year. Good luck trying to defend Aaron Rodgers though.


Washington Redskins (2-9)

Previous Rank: 31


Why They Moved Up:

The Redskins got a win against a decent Detroit Lions team that has had some issues as of late and it was Haskin’s first win as a starting quarterback. That is good enough for me to move them up a spot. It is sad to say though that the only thing people seem to be talking about was Haskins missing the last play to take a selfie with a fan.

Key Players Last Week:

Terry McLaurin (72 Receiving Yards)

Dustin Hopkins (Four Field Goals)

Redskins Defense (Six Sacks, Three Interceptions, Two Fumble Forces, One Fumble Recovery, One Special Teams TD)

What’s Next?:

The Carolina Panthers

The Redskins won last weekend, but an upcoming matchup with the Panthers is not a favorable one especially since Kyle Allen had a huge game against the Saints defense last weekend. If the Redskins have any hope of winning they have to pressure Allen and cover Christian McCaffrey or this one is going to be a brutal game for the Redskins.


Miami Dolphins (2-9)

Previous Rank: 29


Why They Stayed The Same:

The Dolphins blew the game very early against the Browns as they couldn’t stop Baker Mayfield aside from the one interception. Fitzpatrick did his best to try to mount a comeback, but it was to no avail. They played better than the teams below them so they stay where they are.

Key Players Last Week:

Ryan Fitzpatrick (214 Passing Yards, Two Passing TD’s, Two INT’s, 45 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

DeVante Parker (91 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles haven’t done much this year with a leaky offense and a defense that can’t cover. The Dolphins have had similar defensive problems and only seem to have issues when Fitzpatrick turns the ball over. If Fitzy can control the offense well, they might have a chance of upsetting the Eagles.


Denver Broncos (3-8)

Previous Rank: 27


Why They Dropped:

Things couldn’t get much worse for the Broncos in this game against the Bills. The only points they got came from a field goal. The offense couldn’t get anything going while the defense was swiss cheese against Josh Allen and the Bills. This was bad football at its finest.

Key Players Last Week:


What’s Next?:

The Los Angeles Chargers

If there is one thing I have noticed in recent weeks it is that Philip Rivers is becoming a turnover machine. If the Broncos actually show up to play football and play defense then the Chargers should struggle against the Broncos in this one.


Detroit Lions (3-7-1)

Previous Rank: 22

Detroit Lions v Washington Redskins

Why They Dropped:

Yikes. This one was an ugly one for the Lions as they took a hard loss to the “washed up” Washington Redskins last weekend. Driskel was overwhelmed here and the offense didn’t do much of anything to help him out (aside from Bo Scarbrough). It is clear that Stafford is missed here, but with him continuing to nurse a back injury, they will continue to ride with Driskel and hope for the best.

Key Players Last Week:

Bo Scarbrough (98 Rushing Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Chicago Bears

The Lions have a chance to make everyone forget about the fact that they lost to the Redskins last week with a matchup against the struggling Chicago Bears. If the Lions want to wun they have to pressure Trubisky. He might have had two touchdowns, but he also threw two interceptions against the Giants. There are some huge cracks in that offense and Detroit will look to expose them.


Atlanta Falcons (4-7)

Previous Rank: 20


Why They Dropped:

As soon as I hype them up they crash and burn. God this was so frustrating to watch knowing how bad the Bucs pass defense was. Matt Ryan threw an interception and lost a fumble in this game. The defense went back to their awful routes aside from intercepting Jameis twice, but overall this was a crapshoot and a half.

Key Players Last Week:

Calvin Ridley (85 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The New Orleans Saints

Look I get it. Division games are supposed to be better and upsets sometimes occur. However, the Saints are back in the driver seat with Drew Brees under center and their defense despite the points given up to the Panthers aren’t that bad. Matt Ryan has been awful ever since he hurt his ankle, but if the Falcons want to pull it off they need to establish a run game to compliment the pass against the Saints.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7)

Previous Rank: 28


Why They Moved Up:

The Bucs proved me wrong here with a strong showing against the Falcons. Winston struggled early with two interceptions, but came back with big passing yards and three touchdowns to boot including one to the big defender Vita Vea. The defense also stepped up aside from the garbage time touchdown they gave to Calvin Ridley. Overall, not that bad of a performance for the Bucs.

Key Players Last Week:

Jameis Winston (313 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, Two INT’s, 38 Rushing Yards)

Ronald Jones (51 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Chris Godwin (184 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

Bucs Defense (Six Sacks, One INT, Two Fumble Forces, One Fumble Recovery, One Defensive TD)

What’s Next?:

The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars got burned badly by the Tennessee Titans so expect them to come at the Bucs with a vengeance this week. The real struggle with their defense lies on the ground so Jones should see plenty of carries in this game with maybe a couple of quarterback rushes by Winston. They have to pressure Foles like they did Ryan otherwise it will be a shootout.


Los Angeles Chargers (4-7)

Previous Rank: 24


Why They Stayed The Same:

They were on bye and have a divisional matchup with the Broncos this weekend.

Key Players Last Week:

None (Bye Week)

What’s Next?:

The Denver Broncos

Granted the Chargers got beat by the Broncos in a divisional matchup last time and I am curious to see how Rivers will play against them this upcoming matchup. Denver’s defense doesn’t pose any real threat, but Rivers has struggled to make anything happen for his team the last two weeks throwing more picks than touchdowns. It will be interesting to say the least.


Arizona Cardinals (3-7-1)

Previous Rank: 23


Whey They Stayed The Same:

They were on bye. Nothing personal honestly this team is decent. Just a simple fact that other teams played and they didn’t.

Key Players Last Week:

None (Bye Week)

What’s Next?:

The Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are coming off of a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. This matchup is going to get nasty real quick. If there is any glimmering hope that the Cardinals come out with a win here it will have to be Kyler Murray pounding the ball on the ground just like Jackson did. The defense also has to step up against a vulnerable turnover prone Jared Goff.


Chicago Bears (5-6)

Previous Rank: 25


Why They Moved Up:

I didn’t want to move them up three spots, but in the long run it made sense. This team has been struggling for something to happen on offense and it was given to them by Trubisky even with his two picks. The defense is still having a bit of issues so they’ll move up three spots, but I am not really happy about putting them here.

Key Players Last Week:

Mitch Trubisky (278 Passing Yards, One Passing TD, Two INT’s, 18 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Allen Robinson (131 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Detroit Lions

Thanksgiving Day should be very kind to the Bears if they play their cards right against the Lions. They have to give Montgomery a chance to run the ball. The Detroit run defense is garbage and even though he didn’t perform the greatest last time, he should hopefully see stellar results in this run. As for the defense they have to pressure Driskel. If the Redskins can do damage against him then by god the Bears should be able to.


New York Jets (4-7)

Previous Rank: 26


Why They Moved Up:

Now this might be a big over exaggeration, but man did the Jets look good last weekend against the Raiders. They held them to three total points and the Jets have been clicking ever since Darnold saw his “ghosts” against the Patriots.

Key Players Last Week:

Sam Darnold (315 Passing Yards, Two Passing TD’s, 16 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Robby Anderson (86 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Jets Defense (One Sack, One Interception, One Fumble Recovery, One Defensive TD)

What’s Next?:

The Cincinnati Bengals

Even with Dalton coming back as the quarterback, the Jets have to favored so highly in this matchup. Darnold needs to keep doing what he does best right now, but honestly I see Le’Veon Bell having his best game of the season against the Bengals whose run defense couldn’t stop a pacing snail.


Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7)

Previous Rank: 19


Why They Dropped:

The Jaguars got gashed badly by the run and pass game in this one. The once elite defense has squandered badly since the departure of Ramsey and we felt it first hand against the Titans here.

Key Players Last Week:

Leonard Fournette (97 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s, 62 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The main action plan to take here if you are the Jaguars is to stop the run. Ronald Jones is is no Derrick Henry by any means, but the run defense for Jacksonville has been really bad as of late. The defense needs to turn the ball over against Winston who leads the league in interceptions otherwise this team will be done for.


Philadelphia Eagles (5-6)

Previous Rank: 16


Why They Dropped:

The Eagles didn’t put up much of a fight against the Seahawks last week. Part of it could be due to some bad weather, but ultimately Wentz needs to play better. Also, Wentz suffered yet another injury in this game with a bone bruise in his hand. He isn’t expected to miss any time, but he is listed day to day. It doesn’t make much sense, but if this continues to effect Wentz going forward then the injury scares will coming knocking at the Eagles door once again…this time without Nick Foles to back them up.

Key Players Last Week:

Zach Ertz (91 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Miami Dolphins

It is true that the Dolphins got the unholy hell beat out of them last weekend by Cleveland, but Fitzpatrick has shown some heart and determination to try to win games for his team. If Philly has any hope of shutting them down then their defense has to play better specifically the secondary.


Carolina Panthers (5-6)

Previous Rank: 18


Why They Stayed The Same:

Say what you want about the Panthers, but this was a hard one to swallow as they would have had a real shot at winning this game had Joey Slye not missed a field goal late in the fourth quarter. Other than that they played a really good football game against the Saints after being brutalized by the Falcons in the previous week.

Key Players Last Week:

Kyle Allen (256 Passing Yards, Three TD’s)

Christian McCaffrey (64 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 69 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

D.J. Moore (126 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Washington Redskins

Carolina can leave this loss behind as they have a really good shot at beating the Redskins this weekend. They have to watch for Haskins and McLaurin’s connection as he links up with him for long passes, but McCaffrey will have a decent challenge against a Redskins front seven who aren’t as bad as many people think.


Cleveland Browns (5-6)

Previous Rank: 21

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

Why They Moved Up:

If you are a Cleveland fan you’re probably feeling good about your situation right now. You’ve won three games in a row and you finally got to see just what your offense could do. The Cleveland offense put on a clinic in this one against the Dolphins with three first half touchdowns by Baker Mayfield. The defense did give up some points near the end, but I think its safe to say they were up by so many points they didn’t seem to care.

Key Players Last Week:

Baker Mayfield (327 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, One INT)

Nick Chubb (106 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 58 Receiving Yards)

Odell Beckham Jr. (84 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Jarvis Landry (148 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a personal rematch for the Steelers. After the brutal attack from Myles Garrett and now issues of a racial slur he said Rudolph uttered both teams have been warned by the NFL to not get brutal. Mayfield did decent against the Steelers last time and if he wants to succeed again he needs to find ways to get the ball to his receivers and have Chubb and Hunt run when needed.


The Los Angeles Rams (6-5)

Previous Rank: 14

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Rams

Why They Dropped:

This game was flat out embarrassing yet again for the Rams as the Ravens blew them out of the water in this one. The defense couldn’t do anything to stop the Ravens offense and Goff continues to ride the struggle bus throwing two picks in this one. The Rams are a shell of what they used to be.

Key Players Last Week:

Robert Woods (97 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are coming off a bye week and have looked pretty good this season despite their record. Although the defense needs to get it into gear, I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a shoot out between these divisional rivals. That is only if Goff can get it into gear as he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns this season.


Indianapolis Colts (6-5)

Previous Rank: 15


Why They Stayed The Same:

Honestly, yeah the Colts lost to the Texans last Thursday night, but the only reason they did might have been inconsistency issues from Jacoby Brissett and some defensive struggles. The run game was good though so maybe I’ll give the Colts some room to breathe here as they sit second in the division.

Key Players Last Week:

Jonathan Williams (104 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

What’s Next?:

The Tennessee Titans

The Titans put up a monstrous showing against the Jaguars last weekend so if the Colts have any shot of winning three things need to happen. One, Brissett needs to connect for touchdown passes. Two, they have to stop the run game which is easier said than done when it comes to Derrick Henry. Three, they need to pressure Ryan Tannehill. If those things get done, then the Colts will walk out victorious over the Titans this week.


Oakland Raiders (6-5)

Previous Rank: 12

Raiders Jets Football

Why They Dropped:

After the raiders put together some really great wins, they dropped a piece of garbage loss to the Raiders last weekend only scoring three points. Carr was heavily pressured by the Jets defense and came up with nothing in this one as well as Josh Jacobs who couldn’t maneuver his way to anything.

Key Players Last Week:


What’s Next?:

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs come off a bye week and clash with the Raiders this weekend. Carr can throw when he wants to in this one, but in order to win this game Josh Jacobs needs to be the vocal point of this offense. The Chiefs are awful against the run so Jacobs will be the deciding factor on if the Raiders pull off a victory this weekend.


Tennessee Titans (6-5)

Previous Rank: 17


Why They Moved Up:

The Titans decimated the Jaguars last weekend with the offense coming alive against the once great “Sacksonville” squadron. Tannehill and Henry overwhelmed the Jaguars both on the ground and through the air. If they keep playing like they did last weekend, the Titans should have no problem with making their claim for the AFC Wild Card.

Key Players Last Week:

Ryan Tannehill (259 Passing Yards, Two Passing TD’s, 40 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s)

Derrick Henry (159 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s)

A.J. Brown (135 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts lost to the Texans last Thursday and now have to contend with a red hot Titans team coming off a big win against Jacksonville. The Titans have the tools to to succeed this weekend. They just have to put them to good use and use them wisely.


Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5)

Previous Rank: 13


Why They Moved Up:

Quack Quack boys and girls, the Duck is here. After Mason Rudolph proved to be ineffective against the Bengals, the change was made to put Devlin “Duck” Hodges in and he proved to be the just charge the Steelers needed as he passed a touchdown to James Washington and had more passing yards than Rudolph did all game in just two passes. He will now start against the Browns this weekend.

Key Players Last Week:

Devlin Hodges (118 Passing Yards, One TD)

Benny Snell Jr. (98 Rushing Yards)

James Washington (98 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Steelers Defense (Four Sacks, Four Fumble Forces, Two Fumble Recoveries)

What’s Next?:

The Cleveland Browns

This one like I said for the Browns is personal. Expect Tomlin to hopefully come in more prepared against this team knowing that Myles Garrett won’t be in the game. Duck should produce if he can manage to avoid turning over the ball. As for the defense, they need to pressure Mayfield and force some turnovers if they have any chance of winning this bloodbath.


Dallas Cowboys (6-5)

Previous Rank: 9


Why They Dropped:

The Cowboys were shut out by the Pats last weekend and it was hard to watch given the defense they were up against, the weather and the fact that they were the highest scoring offense coming into this game. All of these factors along with some bad officiating calls made sealed the fate for the Cowboys in this one. Having Amari Cooper being held to without a catch doesn’t help either which drops them two spots.

Key Players Last Week:

Ezekiel Elliot (86 Rushing Yards, 40 Receiving Yards)

Randall Cobb (86 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Buffalo Bills

While the Bills aren’t the Patriots in terms of defense, they certainly can still do some damage on both sides of the ball. In order to win this game, Elliot must be used accordingly and to his full potential as running backs have found some success against the Bills in the past. They also need to pressure Josh Allen and make him flustered enough to cause mistakes.


Houston Texans (7-4)

Previous Rank: 11


Why They Moved Up:

The Texans proved they could handle the pressure Thursday night by beating the Indianapolis Colts and reclaiming their spot at the top of the AFC South. Their offense was fine, but their defense still worries me. Regardless a win is a win in my opinion and that is all that matters after a poor performance against Baltimore.

Key Players Last Week:

Deshaun Watson (298 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

Will Fuller (140 Receiving Yards)

DeAndre Hopkins (94 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The New England Patriots

This one will be a tough one. New England held Dallas to three points in bad weather conditions and their defense is amazing. Watson has to avoid being sacked and turning the ball over in this game. Fuller I believe will be the key to hopefully winning this one as Gilmore will be focused on covering Hopkins.


Kansas City Chiefs (7-3)

Previous Rank: 10

Why They Moved Up:

The Chiefs are coming off a bye and have a good matchup on hand against the Oakland Raiders this weekend.

Key Players Last Week:

None (Bye Week)

What’s Next?:

The Oakland Raiders

The Raiders took a hard loss to the Jets last weekend and now have to contend with the Chiefs. Kansas City is well rested and you better believe that Mahomes comes out swinging on them like he did last weekend. They have to cover the run game though as Josh Jacobs has been a firecracker in the stat sheets recently.


Minnesota Vikings (8-3)

Previous Rank: 7


Why They Moved Down:

They may be coming off a bye week, but a matchup against the Seahawks isn’t a favorable one in my eyes.

Key Players Last Week:

None (Bye Week)

What’s Next?:

The Seattle Seahawks

As I stated above the Vikings take on the Seahawks this week and something tells me it is going to be a good one. While Cousins should have plenty of opportunities to succeed on offense, it will have to be the defense that tries to stop Russell Wilson here which is easier said then done.


Green Bay Packers (8-3)

Previous Rank: 6


Why They Dropped:

Simply put, the Packers were taken to the limit by the 49ers and they came up incredibly short in this one. Aaron Rodgers was awful in this one only throwing for 104 passing yards all game and was constantly under pressure. The only player that did decent was Davante Adams who caught the only touchdown pass in this one I’m afraid.

Key Players Last Week:

Davante Adams (43 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The New York Giants

The Packers should have a much easier task at getting the ball moved down the field against the Giants this week as their pass defense is incredibly bad. Look for Rodgers, Jones and Adams to get back on track against this terrible team.


Buffalo Bills (8-3)

Previous Rank: 7


Why They Moved Up:

The Bills dominated the Broncos last weekend only giving up three points the entire contest and doing great things on offense also helps them move up a spot.

Key Players Last Week:

Josh Allen (185 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT, 56 Rushing Yards)

Devin Singletary (106 Rushing Yards)

Cole Beasley (76 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Dallas Cowboys

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Cowboys are steamed after their loss to the Patriots last weekend. They will come out swinging to start this one. The Bills have to stop Zeke on the ground which has been hard for them in the past and to cover the receivers to their best potential.


New Orleans Saints (9-2)

Previous Rank: 5

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints

Why They Stayed The Same:

The Saints put up some critical points against the Panthers, but they also gave up big points too and if it wasn’t for Slye missing the field goal most likely in my opinion, the Panthers would have won so they stay the same.

Key Players Last Week:

Drew Brees (311 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, One INT)

Latavius Murray (64 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Michael Thomas (101 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Atlanta Falcons

You can understand that the Saints lost to the Falcons in their first go around. However, I believe with some injuries dealt to the Falcons this game should belong to New Orleans if they play their cards right.


Seattle Seahawks (9-2)

Previous Rank: 3


Why They Dropped:

While Seattle won this game, there were a lot of mistakes made in this one from the Seahawks. Wilson didn’t do much as he relied on the run game with Carson and Penny. Plus, the Eagles aren’t the best team around anymore so beating them doesn’t get them a spot to stay at number three.

Key Players Last Week:

Russell Wilson (200 Passing Yards, One TD, One INT)

Rashaad Penny (129 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Seahawks Defense (Three Sacks, Two INT’s, Three Fumble Forces, Three Fumble Recoveries)

What’s Next?:

The Minnesota Vikings

This one the first time was a good shoot out to see. I predict this time that it might be quite similar, but they can avoid that outcome altogether if they pressure Kirk Cousins. If they can do that, then the Seahawks should be fine.


New England Patriots (10-1)

Previous Rank: 4

Sony Michel

Why They Moved Up:

The Patriots held the number one offense in football to just nine points and held their best receiver to no catches. That is grounds for a move up in the rankings in my mind.

Key Players Last Week:

Sony Michel (85 Rushing Yards)

Julian Edelman (93 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Houston Texans

I am hoping for another shootout so badly between these two teams, but most likely it won’t happen. This Patriots defense is truly elite so you can bet that the defense will be all over Watson in this game. If they can pressure him, they can sack him and get into his head a little bit.


Baltimore Ravens (9-2)

Previous Rank: 2


Why They Stayed The Same:

Most people are probably wondering why this team isn’t at the number one spot after completely destroying the Los Angeles Rams last Monday night. A understandable argument you might say, but the ranking stands as called. The Ravens blew out the Rams, but have hard matchup coming up this week.

Key Players Last Week:

Lamar Jackson (169 Passing Yards, Five TD’s, 95 Rushing Yards)

Mark Ingram (111 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, One Receiving TD)

Marquise Brown (42 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

Ravens Defense (Two Sacks, Two INT’s, One Fumble Force)

What’s Next?:

The San Fransisco 49ers

This will be the match of the year I am telling you that right now. The best offense in the league goes up against one of the best defenses in the league. Jackson needs to rush often in this game because the 49ers will be bringing the house to him. He also needs to get the ball out quickly as well.


San Francisco 49ers (10-1)

Previous Rank: 1


Why They Stayed The Same:

This is the team to beat right now. I know that the Ravens are on a hot streak, but the 49ers held one of the best quarterbacks in the game today to only 104 passing yards. The 49er’s offense got to work too on this one demolishing the Packers defense.

Key Players Last Week:

Jimmy Garoppolo (253 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Raheem Mostert (45 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

George Kittle (129 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Deebo Samuel (50 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Baltimore Ravens

The two best teams in the NFL right now go head to head this weekend and I could not be more excited. If the 49ers defense wants to prove they are the best in the NFL right now then they have to stop the leading candidate for MVP; Lamar Jackson. He will likely use his speed so they have to pressure him unlike they did with Kyler Murray twice. For the offense, Jimmy G needs to make zero mistakes in this one. One interception or fumble could cost them big time in this one.

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