NFL Finds No Evidence of Myles Garrett Claim

Really though, can this shit just be done with? Can this entire saga just be over for everybody. Earlier today news broke that Myles Garrett, fresh off of his fight with Mason Rudolph last Thursday said that the Steelers Quarterback used a “racial slur” that started the altercation.

Trust me, I know we just won’t get these answers to the questions most Yinzers are asking, like “why did Myles wait a week to mention this?” In a league that is largely made up of African Americans, this happening would completely be a “suspended indefinitely” sitation as well in my mind. Maybe Myles wanted to save it for the NFL investigation? Maybe Myles just flat out didn’t want to bring that into the right? Who knows.

The NFL did come out and say that through their spokesperson that the league “found no such evidence” of Myles Garrett’s allegations that Rudolph used a racial slur.

Jake Trotter who covers the Browns for ESPN sent out these tweets today.

So the obvious arugement back from this entire situation is the understanding that no, I wasn’t on the field. It would be easy to say “well why would Pouncey defend Mason if he used the slur?” or “why didn’t Myles say it earlier than a week later?” but for me, in all seriousness…can we just move the eff on.

This isn’t a Pittsburgh defense, this is a legit ask for this giant blemmish on what has otherwise been a terrible season (except for our defense) for both teams and just get over it. Myles is suspended for swinging a helmet at a dude with no helmet. That’s it.

Pouncey’s suspension was slimmed down to two games, most likely in defense to the fact that he was defending against the hit from Garrett. Personally, I would have just left it at three. The fact that it went down and Mason got nothing is a fight starter for the NFL, a weird stance because well….stomping on someones head is in fact, a no no. Just like swinging a helmet at someone’s un-helmeted head is, in fact, another no no.

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