Nobody, in the history of the United States, has ever been treated so unfairly like Myles Garrett for being viciously attacked by Mason Rudolph of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football.

There was eight seconds to go in the game, and probably everyone who is reading this, saw that ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett went in a little too hard at the end of a play and roughed Rudolph pretty hard into the ground, which obviously he is not going to take kindly to.

But what happened next was something that I haven’t seen on a football field in quite some time.

Rudolph, pissed at what Garrett just did to him (and maybe pissed at his O-Line for making the Browns O-Line look like the Patriots) GRABBED MYLES’ HELMET, STILL ATTACHED TO HIS HEAD, AND TRIED RIPPING IT OFF, twisting his neck in every which direction which genuinely could have caused a serious neck injury.

And you can see in the video as well, Rudolph petulantly kicked Myles Garrett in the crotch after that.

What ensued after was absolute chaos:

Why Myles Garrett, dubbed the “nicest guy in football” decided to do that, is beyond me. It makes absolutely zero sense why he would have done that, unless he was provoked, which by the evidence above, he clearly was after Rudolph attacked him by trying to rip his head off, then assaulted him by kicking him square in the groin.

And I know the Yinzer Army will come back at me and say, “OH GARRETT SMACKED HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH HIS HELMET!!! THAT IS ASSAULT!!!”

And they would be correct, I think in any court of law, smacking someone over the head with a fucking helmet is barbaric, petulant and would classify as assault.

Kicking someone square in the genitals (after that person tried ripping their helmet off for no reason whatsoever), male or female, is also classified as assault. There is clear photographic evidence that shows Rudolph, being a little coward, decided that kicking Garrett in the genitals was the best way to handle this situation.

When I went home and watched Rudolph’s interview after the game, it reminded me of the spoiled rich kid in high school who’s father was an attorney and would always get his son out of trouble. The smug look on his face, and the sheer ignorance to the fact that that brawl probably would not have happened had he not escalated the scuffle by trying to yank Garrett’s helmet off and kick him in the genitals, is astonishing to say the least.

But what is even worse is the national media’s reaction to this. For NINE YEARS, James Harrison went out there to decapitate Browns players. Here is one example below:

Oh and don’t forget crackback block legend, Hines Ward:

And we also cannot forget the time that AB Sparta kicked a Browns kicker:

Let’s also throw into the equation here, that AB only got an $8200 fine for that and no suspension.

And let me make this very clear, I do not have a problem with the Hines Ward hit. Just showing it for substance.

But when these hits happened, I can remember a time when they weren’t the top story on ESPN. Because the national media adores the Pittsburgh Steelers.

James Harrison is one of the dirtiest players in NFL history, and yet, Pittsburgh fans always defended him.

Myles Garrett makes one mistake, one VERY stupid mistake, and Pittsburgh fans want him thrown out of the league for life? Give me a fucking break.

It was stupid yes, it’s BEYOND INEXCUSABLE. He deserves the suspension that he is got, every single game of it, Garrett 100% deserves that suspension.

Pouncey should have received at least a 6 game suspension as well, for not exactly being an angel about things either.

Editors Note: Here is the full breakdown of the suspensions dolled out by the NFL.

For the NFL not to hand out a suspension to Rudolph, is utter insanity. If Baker Mayfield were to go out there and try and rip someone’s head off via their helmet, and kick a defensive end in the genitals, you damn well bet that he should get suspended, and for quite some time too, because that belongs nowhere on a football field. But because Mason Rudolph did it, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have a history of being favored by the NFL league office in these situations, there is no suspension.


Okay, let me rephrase that. Don’t free Myles, he deserves a suspension. But suspend ALL the players fairly, not just shitting on Cleveland like the league office always has done.

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